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Whether you know that...? Today`s conversation on cats it is the best of all to begin the curious facts about cats of

with how they “are arranged“ physically, more precisely - about interesting features of their structure. So:

Anatomy and physiology

the Skeleton of a cat consists of 230 bones (that is 24 bones more, than at the person). Thanks to the fact that murlyk have no full-fledged clavicles they can get through in small openings. It is counted that the adult cat of average build will squeeze into a ten-centimetric hole.

However, to the biggest domestic cat of Himmi who lives in Australia and gained the weight of 24 kg, this space will hardly be enough, but the smallest, Mr. Piblz from Beijing, weighs only 1,3 kg, will be also smaller enough. And joints of their paws are arranged in such a way that paws turn more freely, than our hands and legs.

At a cat a unique print of a nose - it is especially individual, is similar to fingerprints of the person. Besides, existence of 32 muscles in each ear allows it to turn these acoustical locators nearly by 180 degrees.

Cats feel sound intensity three times above, than the person (and “talk“ by means of 100 various sounds). For comparison: dogs only about 10! Smells distinguish also that more, and 14 times stronger than people! See - 6 times better, and at run gather speed to 50 km/h. The important role is carried out by moustaches: it not only the working probe, but also the detector for the direction of streams of air that allows it to bypass unmistakably obstacles in the dark, even without touching them, and also to hunt.


In the USA for these pets owners spend for food … 4 billion dollars. By the way, food for babies costs to citizens on the whole one billion cheaper. Well, and homeless creations should get to themselves livelihood independently. For example, on the island Fradzhos in the Indian Ocean there live only cats, these are descendants of those who managed to escape after ship-wreck at the end of the 19th century. They eat fish, Crustacea and sea hedgehogs.

High patrons

of the Person of very high rank felt remarkable passion to cats. The famous chess player Alyokhin had a cat of Chess which he considered as a mascot and brought on all games. The cardinal Richelieu supported in the apartments 12 cats, and Hemingway in general inconceivable quantity - 150.

Financial security

In the museums of a cat which are available in Moscow Vsevolozhsk, Yekaterinburg and village of the Cat near Samara, and also in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, the Czech Republic of cats employ as watchmen - inspectors. In Austria the lifelong pension in the form of milk, meat and broth is provided to a cat for honest work in a field of protection of warehouses within several years.

In Great Britain a cat Wilbur - the swagger protecting the residence the prime minister - the minister, received from time to time honor to be present at cabinet councils of ministers. At last, in American Litl - Roque annually carries out cat`s races at a distance of 150 meters, their winners win a prize 2 thousand dollars.

In Switzerland there are a lot of cats with own bank account. Two such wealthy persons were already fined by Society of protection of birds two pounds sterling “for systematic murder of birds“. The richest of them is Siamese Rosalinda Che whom the hostess left inheritance in 750 thousand pounds sterling.


Communication with cats well affects with

health of owners. Their purring, for example, strengthens bone system at elderly people. Stroking of a cat reduces the frequency of heartbeat and a blood pressure. In the 18th century in some clinics for the insane employed cats to whose duties belonged to caress violent patients.

Here what it is surprising creations - cats!