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How to embody dreams? (A grant on management of reality)

of Dream allow us to plunge into own unique world. World of illusions and happiness. There where it is always good.

“Gerda came to big The Cherry Orchard in which the lodge with color glasses in windows and a straw roof was sheltered. Doors had two wooden soldiers and saluted guns to all who floated by … …“

of Dream as a gentle cradle protect and lull us. There all for us, all to the smallest details, is subordinated to our desires.

“The summer already passed, outside there was a late fall, and in a wonderful garden of the old woman where eternally the sun shone and flowers of all seasons blossomed, it and it was not noticeable!“

One fine day should ask you itself a question: “You really want what you dream of or it is simple to you to be pleasant to dream? “

If dreams is that sweet sleepiness which helps you to be fenced off from the storming world, to relax and fall asleep, then they can perfectly carry out this mission.

If a mast is an idea, what you want to realize in reality, then even the most detailed visualization here not to cost one.

Big and fine dream choose from all that you specifically want.


Here own house lovely to heart! There are rooms for all. Two floors and penthouse. Yes, garden! Of course a garden, with the arbor twined plush and with the stone plitochka which grassed instead of paths. There is a lake with lilies and the small wooden bridge. And what look opens from a window of my house! You will begin to rock! Sea, ocean! And mountains, mountain!

That specifically I want:

Ya I want to live in the big house with a beautiful view that around there was a wood. Nearby sea or river.

As I can reach it? where councils do not work begins

I here, and expert recommendations get bad shot.

As at each of us only the unique way of achievement of dream. The set of opportunities and “passability level“.

having Properly reflected, and having promised not to sweep aside straight off the most mad options (especially it is worth looking narrowly at them!) you will absolutely find several suitable ideas thanks to which you realize the desire.

Check of ideas on professional suitability:

“As far as realization of this idea to be in a zone of my control? How personally for me this idea is realistic?“

I when ideas are checked and selected the best, it is time to make the plan.

Plan :

the Plan is degree of structure, clearness, time frames and the list responsible.

The plan has one big date. That to what as a result is led by realization of all ideas on achievement of the desirable: I want to drive to the own house in September, 2013.

I consists of several subplans of realization of each idea:

A. To sell that housing in which I live now.

, As far as in a zone of your control?

, is How realistic?

If is under control and realistic, then forward!

What you can make to sell housing? What concrete steps you can make

that the housing was sold?

1) Action, date, time, result.

I Will post online the announcement on the real estate websites (specifically what?) I Will place

on July 12, 2011 at 14:00. Result will be - the placed announcements.

2) What can go not so?

of the Announcement will go down. I will be worn out to look for necessary in the sea of the websites on real estate. I will be tired and will request this idea.

3) As you can strengthen this point of the plan? How you can support yourself?

I Will ask Vasya where it placed. I learn from Maryivanna from agency from what websites they take information more often. I will take on hands of a cat and I will dress earphones with favourite compositions.

I further step 2, 3 … 10.

Action, date, time, result. An obstacle - support.

The main conditions for a realistic plan which works for the dream embodiments: clearness, degree of structure, reality, a submission to control, vision of barriers, support, mobility, strengthening at each stage.

needs Especially to note three last points:


the Accurate, structural plan - a dream embodiment basis.

But the world around us changes with cosmic speed. In every second of time of circumstance change and we have new obstacles and new opportunities!

The is more mobile your plan, the it is more at it than chances to be realized.

Head on a compass! Before plunging the head into a new opportunity wonder

: “As far as what I am going to make will bring closer me to my dream?“

Strengthening at each stage.

Every time, going to the next point of your plan, wonder: “And how I can amplify at this stage? What can I make still that worked for certain?“


Listen to yourself, you do not behave for a throat, do not arrest handcuffs to the computer.

of people which can support as much as possible you on the way to dream it you are.

Once again when you want to have a sleep or go where eyes iron, and you should work, wonder: “And as though I treated myself with love and tenderness, I would allow herself it to make?“

Create to yourself the supporting environment

. Surround yourself with things which are pleasant to you, indulge yourself, trust and trust yourself. If you have a sleep, then will gain strength, and the world will not fail.

Show care of yourself - switch off phone, do not undertake others duties. Do not subscribe what you would not like to do.

The more comfortably, more freely and lyubimy you will feel, the it is more than chances that you will have forces and desire to make everything that you planned.


We always envy people who are able to achieve the objectives. To their self-confidence, force and commitment. “Here to me so!“ - we think. Believe

- possibly everything. Knowing

what you specifically want as you will reach it that can prevent you and as to you to support itself and to strengthen the plan at each stage, you can realize any dream.

You can make all this also, but with the trainer you will make it quicker and more simply.

Layf - kouch-is that support and strengthening of the plan which will help you not to lose the direction, to find forces and to see new brilliant decisions!