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How independently to go to Karlstein and what to look at?

Karlstein - the unique Gothic lock of the medieval Czech Republic. It was created in 1348 for the emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire and the Czech king Charles IV and holds exclusive position among the Czech grad and locks.

Its emergence was not caused by need of creation of an administrative center of management of possession or the royal residence. From the very beginning Karlstein was predetermined as the place of storage of royal treasures, first of all collections of sacred relics and imperial coronation treasures.

Construction of a hail was begun in 1348. According to historical chronicles of later time, Karlstein was based on June 10 with the assistance of the Prague archbishop Arnosht from Pardubits. For several years the hail was prepared for stay of the king and emperor who visited him according to the available data, in 1355.

Architectural configuration of a hail included the lower level at which there were a well tower and the house of a burggraf on the main yard. At the following level the powerful imperial palace, and over it a small, so-called Mariana tower is located. At the top of a mountain spur the Big tower 60 meters high with own strengthenings towers.

In its chapel St. A cross sacred relics and imperial coronation treasures were stored. Here for 200 years since the beginning of Hussite wars there were treasures of the Czech kings and the Czech archive.

Walls and the arches of a chapel were covered with gold finishing with the thrust semiprecious stones and glass lenses which created illusion of the star sky on the ceiling arches. Still chroniclers of an era of Charles IV at that time wrote that in all this world there is nothing more beautifully than this chapel.

Imperial palace:

1. Noble hall.

2. Vassal (knightly) hall.

3. Top yard.

4. Kapitulny dekanstvo - rooms of canons of a karlshteynsky kapitul.

5. Charles IV`s bedroom - the personal room of the emperor.

6. Hall for audiences.

7. Royal hall of ancestors.

8. Royal convivial hall.

Mariana tower:

1. Karlshteynsky treasury.

2. The former prison of fortress (so-called Chervenka) - on the first floor.

Clock tower - here is a so-called bell of Saint Ekaterina. It was cast originally during Charles IV`s era and anew - in the 17th century. The bell can be heard and today during celebration of significant events.

A well tower - the unique pumping-over mechanism in the form of a wheel in which people went remained here. at turn rose or fell fettered 70 - a liter bucket, all process lasted about 10 minutes.

There are 2 routes for visitors

1 route:

Historical interiors of the Imperial palace and Mariana tower.

Survey duration - 50 - 55 minutes.

2nd route:

Includes in addition the most valuable interiors of the Mariana and Big tower with a chapel St. A cross

survey Duration - 90 - 100 minutes.

On this excursion it is necessary to make the pre-order for each visitor.

How to visit the castle Karlstein from Prague independently, ticket prices - read

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So it is worth going to Karlstein? Surely! It is other Czech Republic very very different from incomparable Prague, but same surprising and fine.