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How to act in at film? One film-making day of mass meeting. Part 1

in the Summer 2009 - go my hometown became a shooting stage for Timur Bekmambetov`s movie “Trick“.

Naturally, journalistic curiosity did not leave me away from this event. And I decided to replace a profession: to try as the participant of mass meeting.

To get on a shooting stage, I, as well as am necessary, submitted the application for participation, having provided all the data and a photo (not only on myself, but also on the six-year-old daughter). Learned about a mass meeting set, as well as many, from the newspaper. It is curious that in the capital organizers of cinema do not look for mass meeting. People call on studio and send the photos. There for crowd scenes young attractive faces generally are required, for example, to represent a party on a dance floor.

In several days I was called: “Tomorrow we wait for you at the station at seven in the morning. Shootings will go 12 hours. The fee of film-making day - 200 rubles. A dress code - daily“.

In seven with small sleepy mass meeting was already trampled down on station steps, but the film crew for some reason was not yet. She began to be brought up to hours to eight. As it appeared then, the general collecting was postponed to later time as yesterday`s shootings ended by eleven in the evening and to ring round mass meeting was already late.

The administrators working with us warned at once: “Any photos, any contacts with stars (the personal space of the actor is inviolable, he is a living person, is tired too). It is strictly forbidden to take out any information out of limits of a shooting stage!“ A task for the journalist almost impracticable. Yes organizers of shootings will forgive me! Therefore from fifty people of mass meeting to me, probably, it was most difficult, it was necessary to work on two fronts.

- In filmings, of course, there is some romanticism, but do not think that this continuous entertainment, - having collected around itself a dense ring of mass meeting, the foreman of mass meeting explained to us. - It is tiresome and long process, the heavy and exhausting work for the sake of several successful doubles.

- A request without the prevention from the territory of the station not to disperse anywhere as at any time you can be necessary for the director. You can be removed only an hour and release, and can use 12 hours in succession.

I learned from its valuable instructions that it is not recommended to put on shootings white and brilliant - it glares; black, - it fails. It is impossible to look in a chamber at all. It is natural to behave in a shot.

Having given TsU, we were left to expect a starting signal. Meanwhile on the platform with might and main there were preparations for shootings. Developed the big closed tent for members of a film crew and actors with tables under the equipment and chairs. The chair with a name of Konstantin Khabensky stood on a back in depth of a tent. Mounted light and the cameras, prepared a special avtomobilchik by means of which shoot moving scenes for work. The working zone was separated a striped tape. Nearby settled down wardrobe and buffet.

- All men from mass meeting ask to come to the platform! - our administrator addressed us.

- On an episode will select, probably, - whisper on crowd rushed.

After men on the platform jerked also gapers.

The high bearded man of the Caucasian exterior built applicants in a lineechka and, approaching everyone, suggested to say the same phrase: “What? Groom perhaps? From a wedding ran away?“ Thus, the worst gradually were eliminated, and the best, in his opinion, continued to show the actor`s abilities until one was chosen. The lucky should work in an episode with Konstantin Khabensky. And, by hearsay, its fee made not 200 “ðå“, as at mass meeting, and 6 thousand rubles. By the way, how many Konstantin Khabensky, of course, receives for the working day nobody will tell, and here expenses of one film-making day from us did not hide - neither more nor less, and 50 thousand dollars.

Curious on the platform there was more and more. Having seen as the bearded man works, the people gasped: “Yes same Bekmambetov!“ But was mistaken. Actually Timur Bekmambetov does not shoot the movies for a long time, and is a producer. Film-making process Leo Gabriadze - “violinist“ from the movie “Kean - a Dza - a Dza!“ directed.

At first the striped tape separated from gapers only the platform, then it was moved on the level of the building of the station, well, and then at all wound with it everything, except the station square. This patch yes foyers of the station also became our haven until the end of film-making day.

And at this time on the platform already again Konstantin Khabensky in a suit of the groom caught up with the train and jumped in the last car. Where, most likely, also our lucky from mass meeting met him by the rehearsed phrase.

When doubles with Khabensky ended and to him at last allowed to take rest, behind train Alexey Buldakov ran. In full rigging, in a general`s uniform it rushed on the platform, swinging after the moving-off train an officer peak-cap and discontentedly crying out something after.

We lost count, counting quantity of doubles. And sympathetically discussed among themselves: “What physical training and endurance has to be to make it?!“

Be continued.