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Godforsaken place. Where the most curious should not go even?

the Subject of geopathogenic zones, we will tell directly, it is not new, but interest in it does not cease. About the Bermuda Triangle it was already told, about Mora of a devil - too therefore today we will talk about other places. Also we will begin, perhaps, with the land.

of the Mountain and rock, gorge and … hole

Gates of hell. the ice gorge near the gulf Inglya in Antarctica So is called. Its feature is that air temperature falls to 90 degrees of a frost and constantly gusty wind with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour blows. Under these rushes the small small pieces of ice which are coming off blocks to pieces tear clothes of visitors. Agree that it is very difficult to survive in such conditions.

Gore Bo - Dzhausa is the Far East hill which is Sikhote`s part - Alinsky of ridge, and it is one of the largest in Primorye: height makes 1637 meters above sea level. The hill has sad popularity: its foot had a plane crash which claimed the lives of 98 people. And as a result of searches of the crashed liner fragments about ten more planes were found.

A red Crest - the rock near Krasnoyarsk with which the beautiful view of the valley of the river Bazaikhi opens. There more than once gravitational anomalies were noted. In particular, there are certificates that, having climbed up the rock, it is possible to face manifestation of the mysterious force capable to lift the person in air, to immobilize, strike in a breast etc. of

the Blue mountain is in the Volgograd region, has height of 293 meters. Eyewitnesses claim that it attracts to itself storm clouds, influences health of people and behavior of animals, kills the engines at the cars passing by and the flying by helicopters.

The Medveditsky ridge in the same Volgograd region became famous for the fact that it is capable to suppress engines of tractors, and also that in this area there are a lot of fireballs. Underground along the Medveditsky ridge there pass mysterious tunnels round or kruglo - an oval form and with a diameter of pass from 7 to 20 meters.

nicknamed a hole of a devil unique education which is located in the desert district of the American state of Nevada. It represents a failure in the earth with sizes at a surface about 9 by 12 meters and with distance to the level of ground waters about 120 meters. According to the legend, through this hole a certain underground spirit gets into our world to do to people the harm. And at the bottom of “hole“ fishes, and rare breeds live. Scientists are interested in the abnormal content of the heavy hydrogen which is available in deposits on failure walls.

of the Wood and valley

the Valley of the Black Bamboo (other name - Death Valley) settles down in the Chinese province of Sichuan. People, sometimes the whole groups annually vanish in it. For example, expedition of military cartographers, forest inspectors. At last, the commission of AN of the People`s Republic of China was sent there. It turned out that from the soil on a surface poisonous evaporations last. But at the same time remains of any of disappeared it was revealed not. The same lucky who managed to get out of the wood, told about suddenly arisen fog which was followed by unusual sounds in which the feeling of time was absolutely lost.

The silence zone (Sohn of silence, “to Mora Tetis“) includes the territory on border of the Mexican states of Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila, in 400 miles from the American city Ale - Paso. Being in it, it is impossible neither to watch TV, nor to listen to radio. The compass will play pranks, the handheld transceiver to refuse, hours to stop.

The Perm triangle (or Molebsky) - a geoabnormal zone in 7 kilometers from the village of Molebka, on the left river bank of Sylva. Scientists consider that the geological and magnetic situation in this area is the reason of its education: in a network of deep breaks of Ural Ridge with the disappeared breeds numerous cracks were formed, they, in turn, promote emergence of electrostatic charges. The electrons which are thrown out on a surface influence the physicist - the chemical processes causing unusual reactions of an organism and special feelings in people. Besides, underground gases outside escape.

A devil`s cemetery residents of villages near Bratsk christened a round forest glade with naked as if a scorched earth and the charred bones of animals. A dog, having appeared on her, at once with squeal rush away, but then all the same long do not live. It is supposed that evaporations from - under lands are the reason.

The natural boundary Shushmor is in Moscow area, on border with the Vladimir region. He was nicknamed the Bermuda Triangle for the fact that in it there are strange things like optical anomalies, giantism of plants, a bizzare shape of trees, periodic appearance of snakes and ears of the sizes, improbable for local places, complete disappearance of people.

Thunderous bald patches those places where the lightning discharge went to the earth call. For several minutes the high voltage dangerous to any live organism results. On ancient legends, such place is designated by “a fiery finger of Perun“.

Thunderous nests - places where the lightning over and over again “precisely“ beats. Our far ancestors considered that such blows make special magic sense, and surrounded these places with constructions from huge boulders. The African sorcerers still around a thunderous nest draw a circle and begin to execute ritual dances until the lightning strikes to the earth. Scientists explain a riddle of thunderous nests with the lowered electric resistance of such places: availability of the hidden waters, metal deposits.

of the Lake and island

the Island Barsakelmes , absolutely small - 27ő12 km - is in the Aral Sea, and its name is translated with Kazakh as “You will go - will not return“. The set of the national legends narrating that there the feeling of the normal course of physical time disappears is devoted to it.

They say that in former times on the island fugitives and when came back sat out, it turned out that there passed not several years, but several decades. Here as if people vanished, perishing from teeth of the flying pangolin. Also modern expeditions disappeared. And if did not disappear, it became clear that half-hour walk actually lasted the whole days.

In the same Kazakhstan there is a Dead lake (100 by 60 meters), well-known for what never dries up, and water in it ice. In it there is neither fish, nor even seaweed. It is considered that it is connected with the poisonous gases escaping from crevices at the bottom. Those reckless heads which venture bathing in the Dead lake often sink, and do not emerge on a surface, and stand on a bottom vertically.

Smerdyachye the lake is in Shatursky district of the Moscow region. As it peat, water in it has unusual color, is reddish - brown. There is no fish in it also in mention, people often sink. At approach to the coast the general health worsens and the feeling of alarm appears.

The shaitan - the lake in 7 km from the village of Okunevo that, according to the legend, stores some magic crystal in the Omsk region. The population of neighboring settlements considers this place rotten because even horses refuse to approach it, and in general it has a double bottom so it is impossible to bathe.

The devil`s lake in Latvia uses too ill fame because if long to be near it, the person has an inexplicable horror. Those from visitors who do not trust such stories maintain a sit-round gathering half an hour, as a last resort ashore - hour, and then run away. Here too people often sink, and bodies do not find them then. And still nobody managed to cross the lake.

It is, of course, not the full review and full and would not be located in journal article. But and such short allows to reveal similarity of a number of signs of “godforsaken places“. However, as well as in everything, there is also “general“ here, and “special“.