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Whether the concept about honor and conscience is actual presently?

Sometimes, seem to me that concepts are absolutely forgotten about honor and conscience presently. If it is honest, the soul is torn outside, there is a wish to shout for the whole world: “People, where your conscience? Where all that our ancestors had? In total their just human qualities!“ In general, for many this subject is already considered not actual. What to tell about honor as if it is impossible to talk about another? Everyone thinks approximately so.

A torments me a question why we dare to leave from such simple, human qualities. I consider that and there is a full degradation of mankind!

Would be very good if everyone thinks that he is for it value in life? Money? Today they are, tomorrow they will not become. It is possible to have a lot of money, but at the same time to remain the Person - real, good. There can be a glory? Looking as this glory is earned if work, good affairs and acts, then of course, it is important. And if is not present? Everything depends on the person.

Yes, is possible for many it and there are values, but it seems to me that the most important is life! Life of relatives, family, friends, acquaintances and just all people! There is nothing more expensively than life, there is life - if to try, there will be also money; there is life - if leave in this life the mark, good business, there will be also a glory! unfortunately, all this is forgotten by

In our hard time! I do not know why I decided to write on this subject probably it is very concerning subject for me. Perhaps, and for many of you!

is Very frequent in various sources of mass media, on TV radio - broadcasting we hear about political, economic problems. Here not enough attention is paid only to moral development of citizens of our country! And everything goes from it. It is necessary that the country was really interested in it.

Is unconditional, a lot of things depend also on education of the house. Well, we will allow houses parents give to education enough time, and the child goes outside also everything, he is absolutely another! On the street there are shops, stalls in which despite a ban about sale of alcoholic and tobacco products to the persons who did not reach 18 years, sell these goods and to children. That`s it here lack, perhaps not of the honor, but conscience is shown! To sell the main thing to sellers the goods, such work at them! Honest sellers who follow these rules less and less. Some for the sake of a joke ask teenagers whether they is to them 18? Though on many it is visible at once that else young children. I consider

Ya that so far everyone will not begin it is moral to develop, improve itself, degradation in society will continue at the increased speed!

Can give many examples of unscrupulous, disgraceful behavior of some people, the same drug dealers which poison people with drugs, producers of low-quality alcoholic products in which instead of normal raw materials, technical alcohol, the killing organism, especially a liver of the person is added.

generally to continue it is useless, everyone knows about similar defects of mankind! Now it is important to understand how to prevent all this?