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Who ruled the nations of Britain? Picts (Caledonia) of

Piktaviya`s Governors inherited a crown on the female line. This nuance has two consequences. In - the first - it is impossible to build the adequate dynastic line in any way. In - the second - rather often foreign princes became kings of Picts.

Generally, several piktsky kingdoms almost constantly coexisted. But the king of one of them was the leader of all Picts, or syuzereny kings - vassals. At the beginning of the Middle Ages of the strongest there was Caledonia, but in 680 - x years leadership passed to Fortri`s kings.

In brackets after a name of each king - start date of board and death.

of Drest poppy Earp (408 - 453). The king of Caledonians and meat, seemingly, the first who managed to put on two crowns at once and really to become the leader of all Picts. Governed very long and won victories in a huge number of battles (hundred years and hundred fights, but it, of course, exaggeration).

Talorg poppy Enel (453 - 456).

Nekhtan Morbet (Great) poppy Earp (456 - 480). Than it is big - it is unknown, but inclined to Christianity.

Drest Gurdinmokh (480 - 510). Too Great, but in language of Britons.

Galanan Erilikh (510 - 522).

Drest poppy of Uudrost (522 - 527) and Drest`s poppy Gere (522 - 532). Governed in common until the first of them died.

Gartnat poppy Gere (532 - 539). Brother of Trust.

Keltran poppy Gere (539 - 540). Brother both of them.

Talork poppy Martolekh (540 - 551).

Drest poppy of Manayt (551 - 552).

Galam Kenalef (552 - 555). Some time of rules together with Bride.

Bride poppy Maelgvin (554 - 584). Briton, son of the king Gvined and leader of all Britons. Crushed in battles of cattle (558 and 573) twice. At Bride submission of all Picts to the Supreme king began to be felt much stronger than former. The residence of the king was somewhere near Inverness. There arrived Columbus`s Saint, christened many notable Picts and, perhaps, Bride (if that, the son though impious, but the Christian Maelgvin, was not christened earlier). Christians occurred among Picts and before Kolumby`s mission, but now the Christianity became the state religion. The pupil of the Saint Kolumby Adomnan described in the diary a meeting with an awful monster during a crossing through Ness`s river. The river follows from the lake (Loch Ness) of the same name. The king Bride died in battle with rebels from Kirkinn.

Gartnat poppy Domelk (584 - 599). It often confuse to Gartnat poppy Aedan, the son of the king Dalriada who was the king of Picts in the same time too. The difference is that Gartnat poppy Domelk ruled Caledonia and was the leader of all Picts, and Gartnat poppy to Aedan got from mother one of small vassal kingdoms.

Nekhtan poppy Konnan (599 - 621). It is absolutely groundless the kind Christian Nekhtan Eylen Donan is accused of Saint Donan`s murder and plunder of monastic monastery on the island.

Kiniokh poppy Lutrin (621 - 631).

Gartnat poppy Uid (631 - 635).

Bride poppy Uid (635 - 641).

Talork poppy Uid (641 - 653).

Talorkan poppy of Enfrit (653 - 657). English, grandson Etelfrita, king Bernikiya and Deyra (Northumbria). Crushed cattle at the Paste to Ezarta and killed their king. Gave help to the uncle Osviu, the king of Northumbria in his fight against Penda Mersiysky.

Gartnat poppy Domnall (657 - 663).

Drest poppy Domnall (in 663 - 672 rules, died in 677). Got beaten by angl in fight at Two rivers. Remained the regional king of Caledonia, but lost the Supreme power.

Leadership passed to Fortri`s kings.