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Whether new dictatorship waits for us? To Tell

to Gogol! Now our life gains lines unusual. Here Nikolay Vasilyevich, or perhaps would marvel and would compose something immortal. You judge.

The president demands from builders of the word of honor that they will build the bridge (to Russky Island, to the APEC summit - 2012). The deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region absconds, and simply speaking - ran away. Senator and the sports figure of the Olympic scale mister Tyagachyov are looked for too by investigators (from the Head investigative department of the RF IC across St. Petersburg) as they suspect it of collaboration with killers. And our chief hospital attendant Gennady Onishchenko accuses the whole state - Georgia - of export of the African plague; naturally, on the territory of distressful Russia. Well though that this plague - pork.

Eh, Nikolay Vasilyich! Be led up you at least day to live in present Russia, would not begin to claim: “Boringly in this world, misters!“ we Will leave to

emotions. Let philosophers estimate degree of boredom or fun in modern Russia. Let`s address rough matter. Our economy is near death. Focused on sale of oil, gas and other natural resources, it completely depends on world demand for raw materials. World crisis of 2008 - go is still not overcome, its second wave at which approach price of oil will sharply fall is very probable. Today`s price around 100 dollars for barrel is, in fact, a “oil“ bubble; its time of life expires. In the conditions of stagnation of economies of the USA and the European Union when decline in demand for energy resources is observed, the “oil“ bubble can collapse at any time. In this difficult situation the Russian power cannot offer any distinct economic program.

In civilized countries not people, and ideas come to the power. Otherwise there is a dictatorship. The present Russian elite not in forces to offer society of neither national idea, nor any other reasonable idea. Everything that they are able - it is to control financial streams, and obligatory part of “control“ is their own enrichment. For this reason at us the economy of ROSES prospers: a cut, kickback, drift (drift is “to“, kickback - after). In 20 years of stay in power our elite divided all budgetary financial streams and all income from export of raw materials. Not captured there were only people - the population of the country.

Repartition of the existing spheres of control - business troublesome, and here directly near by 140 million people. What it is necessary to make regularly to receive from them money? Correctly, it is necessary to privatize housing and communal services and health care. Nobody will be able to do without water, heating, electricity, the doctor and drugs. Well, first of all it is necessary to take stations, telegraph and a pumping station is a classics. In hundred years the world, of course, changed and therefore the health care is added to a gentlemen`s set.

Now financing of the Russian health care increased from 3% of GDP to about 5%. And it is correct too: it is far more pleasant “to saw“ five percent, than three. And to the population it will be good as at an application of funds new drugs (not some there cheap generics) will go on sale, and in policlinics and hospitals the new medical equipment will appear. For sure, will appear and will earn - it is impossible to keep all purchased computer tomographs and devices for ultrasonography in unopened boxes in the cellar?! Something should be pulled out in this world, to establish and start, otherwise absolutely not in a human way will leave. Well, everything will be for the good of the person: and that who “saws“ - well, and patients, which - that will fall intermittently.

However it is unlikely the idea of “cut“ can become that means that will bring it carriers to legitimate power; and on national idea it does not pull yet. The trust limit to present Russian elite is reached, but they do not intend to refuse government. Means, the exit, only for them, is a dictatorship, and at all not dictatorship of the law. It will be dictatorship of elite.

… Most often dictatorships arise when the state is included into a strip of emergency situations. If to interpret concept of dictatorship it is expanded, then dictatorship in Russia exists almost hundred years. During the Soviet period it was dictatorship of the commissar type (it is based on the decree of a certain political subject and it is intended for realization of a specific goal) ; during the Yeltsin period it was observed mikst from sovereign (assumes sovereignty of the dictator in a separation from any purpose) and commissar dictatorships. At the same time it is worth meaning that dictatorship is not a democracy antithesis. Purely technically in the conditions of dictatorship separate democratic institutes and a possibility of liberal reforms can remain.

And there is an important question: what dictatorship is more probable in modern Russia - dictatorship of elite or dictatorship of the people?

However, dictatorships it is not necessary to be afraid, life is more terrible. Any dictatorship is only people.