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How to achieve purity of skin?

All women, irrespective of age, a profession and the social status, want to look always perfectly.

Purity of skin reflects a human body state of health. Unfortunately, in our ecological and climatic conditions it is very difficult to keep a beautiful view of skin, however - it is possible. Everything depends on ourselves, existence of time and desire.

Skin is the our cover protecting an organism from bacteria, injuries, an overheat and overcooling. It is necessary for it only slightly - to help slightly with the changing adverse living conditions.

What prevents our skin to be smooth, pure and beautiful? What so spoils its appearance? From - for what we sometimes do not want to look once again in a mirror? Are the main reasons emergence on a face of unpleasant pigmentary spots, spots, eels, comedones, fatty tumors, a greasy luster, enlarged pores, setochek from capillaries of red color. As a result whole “small suitcase“ of unnecessary educations gathers on a face why becomes unpleasantly surrounding, and in particular - to their owners.

Skin begins “to spoil“ during maturing, at teenage age. Of course, each of us dreams to endure this period of time somewhat quicker. Unclear educations so prevent private life of susceptible young men and girls, up to development of complexes!

The main thing - is simpler to belong to it, for example, as to chicken pox. All know that they are ill it only once in life: and emergence of spots and eels is only a temporary phenomenon. It is important to look after correctly skin, to competently use tonics, lotions, skins for washing. There are no problems with the choice of cosmetics now, it is important to pick up suitable you. If not to look after problem skin, negligent attitude can develop into an illness which further to cure much more difficult.

The general recommendations at problem skin the following. In order that skin “correctly“ breathed and kept the beauty, it is necessary to observe the certain food allowance containing vegetables, fruit, fish. To exclude fat, salty, smoked, sharp, carbonated drinks. Sweet teeth should reduce consumption of farinaceous food and sweet. You should not forget about the alcoholic beverages and cigarettes provoking emergence of skin rashes. Fruitfully the healthy daily sleep, the use of enough usual water, walk in the fresh air influence a condition of skin.

It would be desirable to remember conditioning agents behind face skin of our grandmothers who coped with problems with the help of gifts of the nature. The steam clearing trays from a camomile, masks from onions, a sorrel, a cranberry, honey are good, for example. Well the mask from the oat-flakes mixed with warm milk works such mask is washed away by camomile infusion.

It is possible to make damp wadded tampons with soap, salt and tea soda for wiping of problem places. It is possible to wash parsley broth. The lemon will help to get rid of pigmentary spots and freckles - just put for 10 minutes the cut pieces on a face. If it is possible to carry out a full cycle of grandmother`s masks (20 times - on 2 - 3 in a week), then the effect of transformation of own person will pleasantly surprise.

But before beginning a complex of procedures by means of pharmaceutical or grandmother`s means, it is necessary to carry out their approbation on an elbow bend. Because surely it is worth being convinced that components will not cause allergic reactions. The effect can be terrifying - a combination of an allergy and spots. Be careful!

Perhaps, you are helped by neither cosmetics, nor grandmother`s recipes, nor visits to the dermatologist and the gynecologist. In what a problem? Really all means are so bad and inefficient? Really the dermatologist does not correspond to the qualification?

It is unlikely. Skin is so individual that without the assistance of the real expert it is difficult to pick up the “medicine“ suitable you. The last that remains in that case, is to address the competent cosmetologist who will work for result!

Anyway be not frightened, do not despair and do not lower a hand - it is possible to make toilet at any age, it is only important to approach it seriously and responsibly.