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Autotuning art - what is it?

“The car - not luxury, but a vehicle“ - this all the famous phrase which was heard from the great schemer already lost today the relevance. For the modern person the car is, first of all, way of self-expression, reflection of his bright identity, a unique inner world and the social status. Among numerous ways to be allocated in gray streams of motor transport moving on streets of our cities cardinally to change the car, having made it unique and unique, the most popular is tuning.

The word “tuning“ was strongly included into modern Russian for a long time. What specifically is meant this concept? Literally “tuning“ (English) it is translated as “control“, “adjustment“, but contains in itself this concept much more: this art. Identity giving art to separately taken car, faceless, similar to hundreds of thousands of fellows, taking into account personal wishes of its owner. And the car owner can “create“ as independently (if it is about any minor changes), and hands of professionals special tuning - studio.

Usually, speaking about autotuning, mean external changes of shape of the car, actually tuning can concern both external design, and profound changes of the internal structure of different systems of the car. Changes in “appearance“, as a rule, include a wide range of “frills“ - it is various stickers, toning, chromium plating, plastic overlays for a body, “rear wings“, moldings, installation of deflectors. All this significantly changes car “face“, but does not influence technical characteristics in any way.

Technical tuning of the car - other history. He demands more serious approach as he concerns modernization of such important details and systems as a transmission, brake system and the engine. It is also possible to refer control of a suspension bracket by means of spring stabilizers and shock-absorbers to it, installation of spoilers which strengthen a car clip to the road to time of the movement, air inlets (for additional cooling of brakes), replacement of wheels. But, unlike tuning of an exterior and salon, it really can significantly raise aero dynamism indicators, increase safety.

During creation of new models of cars by developers the possibility of changes of a number of parameters further therefore when tuning serious alterations of all car usually are not required is allowed. However nevertheless in certain cases from the master the possession of additional skills and experience in this sphere, and also ability to make scientific calculation is required. Usually such alterations concern units and knots of a car.

The most popular today is sports tuning which also happens both external (exterior “styling“), and internal. Are in demand of service in replacement of various details influencing the technical characteristics of the car allowing it to act adequately as the participant of various competitions and also the various accessories significantly changing appearance (tuning of a brake suspension bracket and the check point, replacement of reducers, cast disks, tuning of salon, installation of LED or neon illumination of the bottom, fog lights, the sports muffler and many others).

As for change of appearance of any car, the most original and effective way was and remains an aerographics . The aerographics as an independent genre of art became known not so long ago though its history and contains 135 years, originating at the end of the 19th century when the American inventor and the artist Francis Stanley invented and patented air brush. Slightly later it was improved by other American - Ebner Piler, and since then art of drawing various images on objects began to be used in many areas of life, since simple painting of walls (graffiti) to the advertizing industry and production of animated movies, and gradually became popular and among motorists.

Process of drawing drawing rather labor-consuming and long on time, the autoaerographics is not so simple as it can seem at first sight: the master has to have art imagination, consider features of the car, its design, a geometrical form, the invoice of a surface and color. But the result, as a rule, is worth it - your car will not get lost on city streets and will always attract delighted looks.

Installation of original LED illumination can also change salon of your car to unrecognizability. Light-emitting diodes consume not enough energy, they can be established in different places and in any quantity: “to illuminate“, for example, a control panel, the handle of the check point, a pedal, the button, handle of doors or even rugs. Thanks to modern technologies and abundance of design decisions the LED systems operated by electronics can impose at each other various colors, change one for another and even to transfer shades of the same color, to radiate a dot or diffused light, doing an internal interior of the car modern and stylish.

A leather upholstery of salon - also one of popular types of external tuning. From - for the high price of materials and labor inputs of process pleasure this rather expensive. But, if all of you decided to create by all means the unique original atmosphere in the car, it is important to decide previously on color and the invoice of material, to pick up to it suitable seams and threads. Monochrome registration of salon is more often used by fans of classics, the same who wants to see the car more modern can resort to contrast combinations. The thick threads of bright flowers contrasting with color of an upholstery and wide seams are characteristic of sports cars, the hardly noticeable seam executed by a thread in tone of an upholstery will give to salon more elegance and refinement.

Are often applied on seats and other details of salon of an inscription or patterns which the master, at the request of the customer, can transfer also to a new leather covering by means of a stamping or an embroidery the special machine. Besides, fitting salon skin, it is necessary to remember safety of a working condition built in in a ceiling, a wheel or a chair of devices, correctly selecting places of passing of seams and their durability.

Practically any serious alteration of the car does not do without replacement of disks . Light-alloy, or, so-called, cast disks enjoy wide popularity. They appeared still in 60 - x years, but at that time from - for high price to dare them get only units could. They weigh less, have the bigger durability and anticorrosive properties. Besides, originality of modern models emphasizes beauty of the car still once again, the range presented at the market is extremely wide, and production of some western producers gained world recognition for a long time.

Additional originality and an effective look will be given to the car by toning of lamps and headlights . It is carried out by means of barrels of a varnish which is evenly applied on a surface, or with use of the special colored film which is not breaking technical norms of light indicators of headlights. Toning of headlights and lamps can be monophonic or combine several flowers, can coincide on color with a body, and can contrast - anyway unnoticed your car will not remain.

It is also essential to change an exterior various plastic details allow . Their range is rather various today, and installation usually does not take a lot of time and does not make big work. The spoiler can be installed on the hatch, it will protect salon during the movement from hit of various objects and to improve airing process, it is possible - on back glass where thanks to a special design it will pass through itself(himself) a stream of air and, blowing off dust, to serve also as peculiar “janitor“. From the sun, small stones and insects installation of a special peak can protect a windshield.

Overlays for headlights - “points“ - will help not only to alter them, but also will protect from bad weather, and deflectors will not allow drops of a rain to get to salon when you need to lower glass slightly. And installation of a new plastic front for certain will change “face“ of your car to unrecognizability.