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What is wanted by women? The answer of psychics, magicians, sorcerers of

“The clairvoyants hearing and feeling“ claim that 90% of their clients are women. What it is necessary to them? Magicians, sorcerers and other “all-seeing“ very accurately answer this question in the announcements of the offer of services. That is offer on what women are conducted (behave) to receive the desirable. So, what is wanted by women?

Opened announcements of “thoroughbred and most real sorcerers and magicians“, here their offers based on inquiries of women.

1. “The strongest love spell according to the ancient magical book. Return of the unfaithful husband, he will never be able to oversleep with another! Wants only the wife! The powerful top, the husband will begin to hate the mistress!“

Favourite fairy tale of women: “That loved me one, and from other women he felt sick because I such only, and all other ugly creatures therefore he never even looks at them, only on me“. The sorcerer offers the fairy tale which many women already have, remained a little: to come, to pay money, and the magician will get most “ancient and magic“ the book and the fairy tale will create.

I represent a picture. The unfaithful husband comes back from the mistress whom suddenly began to hate, and let`s want the wife, she now his last chance, with another it will not be able to oversleep any more. And the wife has to be happy, so and it is necessary to it. It and with others will not be able, and I will not give too, will know how to want others. Or at once will rush in embraces? Hurrah! the Husband from the mistress returned!

2. “I will remove damage, a malefice, a wreath of a celibacy, a damnation“.

U you trouble? So it you was maleficiated! Men do not watch even leave? It “celibacy wreath“. Everything simply and also easily is solved. When one “sorcerer“ began to tell me about “a celibacy wreath“ and “the loneliness press“, I understood that she either the psychiatrist`s client, or the good swindler receiving benefit from fear and ignorance of people. Why women believe in this nonsense?

A habit to live in a position of the victim. The world big and terrible, all men was snatched away, and me maleficiated, on a forehead “the loneliness press“ and, probably, on the head “a celibacy wreath“ now how further to live? Only to the witch to remove and unpack. Notice, not to the gym to cease to look a hippopotamus, not to the psychologist to begin to set the purposes and to reach them, not to the doctor to deal with diseases. The easy way is necessary. The victims are not liked anything to be done therefore the deliverer who quickly and at once will find a simple explanation for all problems is necessary and right there will solve them magic ritual.

Especially as guarantees are given: “For one ceremony, without repeated visit, change from the date of the address“. And absolutely masterpiece: “Work is confirmed with the state registration, checks, a personal written guarantee“. For the victim nothing else is necessary.

3. “I will put the only protection forever, on a family, children, on money“. to

It is interesting, the husband enters the concept “protection on a family“? There was in the childhood such game “we in a lodge“, it was necessary to represent hands over the head something like a lodge, and there was already a guarantee from the persecutor, he could not touch, I in a lodge. It is such female fairy tale from the childhood - “to put protection on all family“. You never know what in life happens, and all family “in a lodge“.

It is dangerous to live fairy tales and if to hope for them, then the reality all the same will remind sooner or later of itself. Is it necessary to trust in fairy tales?

4. “Opening of the monetary channel, I will remove any influence made to the detriment of you“.

Wants money and here trouble, someone closed the channel, having made influence to the detriment. It is pleasant to believe that it is not necessary to think and work, and it is only necessary to find the person who “will open the channel“, then money will rush a stream. Same belief in the fairy tale, only financial.

Then that “magicians“ consider so: the woman want to live in the fairy tale where she the most favourite and only, the man loves only her, all other women it is worse therefore the man will always be faithful only to it, and has to have disgust other women. It is always popular, beautiful and in perfect security. Money is, “the channel is open“.

Children trust storytellers who create the unusual, interesting world where everything is good, the good overcomes the evil, and at the end all are glad and happy.

Women trust magicians, fortunetellers, witches who create expectations of fantastic changes. Everything will be adjusted and it will be good, simple, quickly, easily.

To children the fairy tale is given by parents and who will present it to women?

It is interesting if the man loves the darling, creates her feeling of financial and personal security, exclusiveness and importance whether then need at the woman will go to the magician, the witch, the fortuneteller?

Really women will always have a dilemma: either to find the beloved, or to become the client of psychics?