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Repair. How to survive and how to fight against it?

So, happened terrible... Nothing portended trouble. You woke up in the morning in day off in excellent mood, with pleasure stretched.

And here your companion or the satellite, thoughtfully inspecting slightly shabby wall-paper or not really fresh linoleum, thoughtfully looking in space, said (said) that key phrase: “Darling (darling), but whether it is time for us to make repair?“

On gloomy determination on a face you understand that your sluggish objections will not be taken into account - accident is inevitable! - and powerlessly you give up as also you understand... it is time !

When this fatal decision is made, there is not less fatal and not less eternal question: “What to do? “ I will not tell

Ya about those our fellow citizens who have available funds to remove for the period of repair smart apartments with furniture, to employ the fashionable designer and everything to give in his caring hands for a period of three about seven months. Let`s talk about us, about people more middle-income which in our country everything is the majority. So, with what to begin?

First stage : you need to draw up more or less accurate plan. What all of us - want from this process? To slightly update wall-paper or to thoroughly align a floor, walls, a ceiling, doors and, maybe, even planning.

Sit down with the second half and, discussing this question, come to a uniform denominator. Better if all of you nakidat it on paper (it is useful then for the subsequent stages). Lack of any plan can bring in the course of work your imagination to such deep jungle of which then it is just impossible to get out.

I do not advise to do repair on one room a year. It is not excluded that, having finished repair in the last room, you will be forced to start the first, starting everything anew. Both then repair densely and forever will be included into your life.

Right there it is necessary to be defined whether you will live at home or for the period of repair you will move to other living space (for example, to the dacha). Both options have both shortcomings, and advantages. On the one hand, you will be in the distance from dirt and noise, with another - control of process will be much worse. And, besides, starting up team of repairmen in your absence to the apartment, it is easy to appear in a situation: “I to you came forever to lodge“. With all that it implies.

Stage second . Choice of crew. There are several options of the choice, any of which does not guarantee an optimality. It and poll of all acquaintances who already endured this nightmare, and search in mass media of advertisements. I advise in the beginning just study price level to be guided in this difficult and inconsistent world of carpenters,

Here you will see upholsterers, painters etc., the dispersion of the prices will be just enormous. From “Hey, daragy, I tebe will make everything for 100 000 rubles!“ to “We firm solid, we less than for one million do not work at all!“. Here the main thing - not to hurry.

Personally I like more those who have the license and guarantees the conclusion of the contract for performance of work. Such unambiguously value that have, and the contract with them will allow though somehow to guarantee your rights. It is better not to pursue low cost and at the same time not to think what is expensive - it means well.

Better if you are able to learn reviews of this crew or just to ask to show them couple of apartments which they already repaired. Owners of those who already “underwent“ their services can if are rather sociable, tell you about this crew.

After a choice is made, we plan the budget this enterprise - for this purpose you need your plan and the approximate prices of building materials. At this stage you will be able to modify your plans towards increase or reduction of separate operations.

It is possible to refuse part of works or just to reduce the price of them due to replacement of materials or a type of works. Skilled people advise to multiply the received figure on 1,5 or even on 2 as in the course of repair will inevitably come up additional expenses which cannot just be provided.

If you work with official firm - ask to prepare the estimate and you do not hurry to sign. Study it - though first it seems a double-Dutch, in the presence of patience it can be read most, including having asked explanations for her originators. If you are frightened by formulations: works in square meters, hours, coefficients of overhead costs, seasonal rise in price, transportation costs etc., address those who already held these documents at least once in hand.

By means of acquaintances or having independently studied the estimate and having found out, for example, that in the area of pasting of wall-paper in the room not of “otminusovana“ of a window or doorways, contingencies for too considerable sum are specified, identical operations (transportation of people and transportation costs) are twice included, the coefficient of seasonal rise in price is put in the summer, there were works which you did not plan at all (because “it will be so better for you“) etc. - politely say goodbye: these are swindlers, they will swindle you for lovely soul.

The same concerns also the contract - study the document, take it home and better show someone from the legally grounded acquaintances. Look for standard contracts for such works on the Internet and compare them to what to you was offered. Do not hesitate to stipulate your additional requirements.

Whatever one may do, it is better to buy building materials, but in the presence of the consultant from your repairmen. If you think that existence of checks will secure you against overestimate of cost or substitution of materials, be not naive! To write out “tovarnik“ for any sum or not to specify in him the name and cost of goods - to you willingly will make it even in big network shop.

Do not try to save on materials, choosing the cheapest. Penny-wise and pound-foolish! But also you do not pursue the most expensive. Wall-paper for 300 and for 30 000 rubles a roll is made on one planet by Earth, and so far revolutions in finishing materials nobody made. Choose large network shops and average price range - you do not progadat! Also do not hesitate to seem sillier, than you are, for questions to consultants so far nobody was cruelly beaten, and in general is their work: to answer the same idiotic questions daily.

In the course of work if you are not fully sure of your crew, let`s them make one room and look at result. Everything will become obvious. Try to avoid advancing more than for 30 percent, and the principle is better: money against chairs, on each stage of works. To look for those to whom gave all sum for repair in advance, - business extremely troublesome and ungrateful.

Well, and further control of process at different stages - and everything at you has to turn out! Remember that you are not obliged by anything to either firm, or repairmen, or your friends recommending crew at all. If their work ceased suit you - pay for done and refuse their services.

A couple of words about safety. If keys from your house visited others hands, locks should be replaced is an axiom! To leave valuable things on a look and then to be distressed: “As they could!“ - just silly of you! To be reconciled with a smell of the reek of alcohol from the electrician or the vodka bottle split in your apartment - your right, and at all not a duty!

And the main thing, repair is a stress, protect each other nerves, to your partner it is also heavy, as well as to you. Try to support each other, do not break if something goes not so, and keep optimism.

Also you remember: everything comes to an end, and repair, thank God, too!