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How our word will respond? To us it is not allowed to foresee...

For what I like the Internet - Shkolazhizni`s magazine. ru, so for an opportunity at once after the publication of article to receive it from readers of an assessment to the creation. For the beginning authors it is necessary as the breath of life. Everyone is sure that its article - just super in a square, but only in Shkolezhizni. ru will open for him eyes on his creativity.

As it occurs?

Having studied article on the website, tens of people can put down the marks in points. Besides many participate in its discussion, write the comments on a subject for what to them separate sincere gratitude. Here then it becomes clear that reaction of readers to our “masterpiece“ differs from our representations, and it is absolutely impossible to foresee this reaction.

Really, Life. What unexpected opinions and conclusions will please and will afflict the author! Article can praise or scold a little, not agree with deep arguments with it, point to mistakes. All this is very valuable both to a beginner, and to the skilled author.

Unfortunately, it is not always necessary to observe so kind picture of discussion of article. Sometimes supporters of different opinions enter a real fight, fortunately, virtual. Also virtually break a spear, the down and feathers fly, and moderators hardly manage to take away opponents on corners of a virtual ring. The final stage - the exhausted opponents become personal and touch estimated shortcomings of each other.

Why does that happen? Reasons much. I will try to describe what I as the author understood for myself. Misunderstanding

It is

the reason of many problems in human relations. Why there is a misunderstanding of article? Let`s say reading is accustomed to look through fluently articles or only their first paragraphs - character at him such: vigorous, restless, places inconsiderate. Straight off everything “grabs“ and right there brings down the anger on the author for what the author did not write about at all. Or accuses for absolutely opposite to what is written.

The wondering author asks to re-read article, to understand. Receives the answer: and so everything is clear, I am not going to spend time for your nonsense. Natural question: why then you undertake to criticize? And on the other hand, under laws of a genre already the first paragraph has to give an idea of all article. If to follow the habit which took roots in us to look for the one who is guilty then the author will be responsible more. It - in - the first.

In - the second, the reader can perceive in own way sense of separate words and concepts which are present at article. For example, in article about the related relations the word “brother-in-law“ (the husband`s brother) can be perceived by someone as the relative in the area of the wife. Then everything described in article in mind of such person turns into a certain abracadabra. What he will not be slow to report to you in colourful expressions about.

The author is besides guilty of such situation. Entering infrequently used words or terms into the text, he is simply obliged to give their interpretation from the dictionary. However, there can be also a paradoxical situation: the reader in own way explains sense of rather often used word. To me the person who considered that “heat“ is a severe frost met. Probably, all should consult dictionaries more often.

Far more difficult a situation when the reader - emotional nature also has property to attribute others the thoughts, to finish thinking for the author, in passing hanging on it a label: “You paint hunting delights here, so you for murder of animals also suggest to destroy all of them, heartless you the person!“

Conclusion one: undertook to write, write so that misunderstanding did not arise. Naturally, such ability comes with experience. For now you study, be ready to accept all cones which can fall down you.

We will consider cases of misunderstanding as temporary phenomena in the relations writing and reading. They become less with increase of level of skill of a vebrayter (copywriters experts call the people writing the selling texts, and all others - vebrayter).

But there are also deeper, internal reasons of rejection of article.

Why the reader declares to the author war?

of Missile defense one of “why?“ there is no wish to speak much. It is simple to eat people who have the right of discussion of article for self-affirmation. In fact, their comment is consolidated to slopping of negative emotions, and a target the one who wrote article sees each other. Will start a hairpin to it under nails - are happy: received, the writer?

There is more serious reason of military operations. The person lives and acts in this world on the basis of the representations which developed at it. Each of us has the picture of the world. This that system of beliefs, a platform which allows us to stand on the own two feet, to build the life and relationship with people. Based on the beliefs, the person decides what is good that is bad, and accepts correct, in his opinion, decisions. Destruction of beliefs threatens to destroy it as the personality. Therefore will protect the picture of the world of people to the death.

New information, the facts not known still or representations of other people can force the person to begin to doubt in the correctness. Or to seem attempt at that truth which he considers once and for all established for themselves. Then the reliable platform created by it from own beliefs and rules will begin to rock slightly under legs.

It is loved by nobody. Something unexpected for understanding, revolutionary in fact, is always given a hostile reception. There is a wish to protest and punish the author - the troublemaker irrespective of, he is right or is not right at all. Be sure, the troublemaker will receive wholly.

the Most important reason for war

Each of us made acts of which he was ashamed then, which he would not like to remember. Or perhaps and now makes, but tells nobody about it. Reminders on it are extremely painful and unpleasant for it.

Can happen that the author, that without knowing, will force the reader to remember something deeply hidden in soul, will unintentionally touch its painful point. This “offense“ of a vebrayter hardly sometime will be forgiven. Motive of the arisen hostility: he dared to expose my secret on a public inspection! Or even such: it offends me, hinting at my acts; he is a villain! And the author cannot understand why so angrily his commentator attacks.

Notice: those who did not feel sincere discomfort when reading article are limited to the quiet comment in essence. Or give the points, without commenting. we Will sum up of

the results

Probably, many can add many supervision to the aforesaid. All of us perfectly understand that our work cannot take up all questions relating to the subject declared in it. It also cannot be truth for all.

From my point of view, any article is only the invitation to the most interesting game which we call “human communication“. It would be desirable that it was useful and pleasant for both parties.