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“Transformers 3: Dark side of the Moon“. How much today scrap metal?

as Michael Bae, the founding father of film series “Transformers“, swore - swore that the third, final part of the franchize zhakhnt, just lazy did not write about it. It, of course, zhakhnt, but generally on pockets of the trustful audience which, undoubtedly, bought sweet talks of the Hollywood producer and director. It is asked why to Bae who permanently cooks the megablockbusters collecting huge collecting in hire to meet severe minority when at all mistakes and a subject nonsense its movies continue to have invariable success?

The third part of the movie promised to be not only spectacular and three-dimensional, but also thought over in trifles. Michael Bae specially gathered in a picture of venerable drama actors, replaced Meagen Fox irritating with the nonprofessionalism and brought a number of the scenario hang-ups urged to provide to a trequel some subject depth. It in the theory. In practice all undertakings, without having waited for midnight, turned into pumpkin: the main character plays still ploshche, the theatrical circle from movie stars frankly toils with a nonsense, and scientifically - fantastic digressions to history are clumsily stopped on the shabby plate with the discouraging inscription “Chirnobil“.

… The best friend Avtobotov Sam Uituiki after robots - newcomers signed with people of Earth the pact on mutual cooperation at the defensive level, was out of work. The former girlfriend kicked it, present twists tricks with the employer, the glossy handsome - the rich man, and Sam is short of money, of work and of clear prospects on the future at home. The former friends - robots visit him only on public holidays, and no medals from the president Obama warm any more soul which is torn to save the world and to wet Deseptikonov.

To greater pleasure of Sam the enemy does not doze. From a dark side of the Moon deliver dangerous freight in the form of peacefully sleeping leader to the earth Avtobotov of Sentinel Prime and heaps strange priblud (columns), representing the perfect extraterrestrial technology capable to teleport the whole worlds in only a few seconds. Optimus Prime in trembling shock, Sentinel is the leader of their civilization, and the only hope for Kibertron`s recovery, the native planet of transformers.

Meanwhile Deseptikona, in the person of not killed Megatron and a new infection - Shokueyva (Shockwave), still cherish plans of occupation of the blue planet for own, obviously not peacekeeping purposes. Sentinel`s columns - their last chance to return former power. Deadly fight promises to be frying, considering that not all friends agree those to remain, and those that are unshakable in the oaths of fidelity - are small and shabby life …

People perish for metal. Perish, unfortunate, without having managed to eat up sandwich and to reach a toilet, dispelled in dust by the enemy blaster. To consider third “Transformers“ from the point of view of people, so to go in the wrong way. We read inscriptions on a stone and therefore we will go quietly and carefully not to disturb is dashing.

So there with people? To do without the importunate Liliputians who are annoyingly getting under feet colourful robots, Michael Bae could not. He shot the heroic epos about protection of the planet against an extraterrestrial dirty trick. Unless it is possible to hand similar national security issues in hands of the iron monsters who soiled to guano own planet? No, certainly. Therefore in a tape of people there is a lot of, but all of them are schematical toy tell-tales, the komarik stinging an elephant in hope that that will fall and will be zapinan.

The drama casting collected by authors, apparently, in plenty has fun on shooting. Especially clearly it was reflected in the character of John Malkovich who in five minutes of screen time played a role of the chief - the tyrant and a nervous monkey at the same time. Francis McDormand, the film muse of brothers Koenov, passed all picture with a pious expression, without taking out from the known place of arshins. She is obliged by rare surges in emotions to the old resident of series, the actor John Turturro whose impetuous hokhma for some reason amused, but even in such look looked as a ray of light in a dark kingdom.

Jason Statham, official fight - the friend Rosie Huntington - Uaytli who replaced on a fighting post of Fox sobbed violently, seeing as young Shia LaBeouf touches his girlfriend in rare scenes of intim, but could do nothing as on parallel sessions actively distributed punches in the fighter “Without compromises“. The Figuristy Victoria`s Secret model, whose debut sex - a franchize symbol fell exactly on disgrace previous, managed to squeeze out a practical maximum of the role - she effectively moved, wrinkled sponges and under the final presented the main character with a kiss vzasos.

Understand me correctly, I nothing against glamourous maidens as myself have, but if part final, it was possible to drop on it some skyscraper? However, and without so dramatic moments LaBeouf so hysterically shouted that we will regret the guy.

Separately gallant American soldiers performed by permanent Josh Duhamel and Tayriz Gibson pleased. Their messing around on the screen with shouts “Here! There! The first went! Grenade, na!“ and sacramental “All of us will die!“ brought more dynamism, than the huge robots which are transformed in the face of the frightened residents of Chicago in a picture. Somewhere is closer to the final when on city streets people, horses, cars and fragments of buildings already mixed up, the picture began to remind the military chronicle and rather recent “Fight for Los - Andzheles“. I suspect that this part of the movie (by the way, absolutely optional) authors included intentionally to give the chance to the viewer in an ending to enjoy frayed zvezdno - a striped flag and proud faces of the soldiers who managed to survive in this infernal fuss under legs of intergalactic brontosaurs.

From my words may be that “Transformers“ is 3 a terrible sediment and cheap stuff. I hurry to please you, not at all. If not to pay attention to the first part where Russians balakat in mova, Americans look for the remains of a starprobe vehicle of newcomers on the Moon, and young Sam gets a job and amusingly is jealous the long-legged mademoiselle, then the cinema turned out very spectacular. Experts in any computer effects notably came off, having represented almost hour slaughter of robots in the Chicago center. Only for the sake of transformers and their improbable transformations the movie needs to be watched surely on the big screen.

I have a serious suspicion that “Transformers 3“ if concede to the sequel as regards finance, then it is very insignificant. It is possible to accuse as much as necessary a gollivudshchina of the buckets of pathos which are poured out on the viewer in the course of rescue of all real in separately taken American village, but who prevents you to remove similar, having transferred action to New Kyshtovka or to Montmartre? While one plead lack of the scenario, money and world stars, others shoot that film for which they pay them fabulous money.

Verdict: charming in the nonsense and slaughter of scrap metal, improbable on scales. If to look, then only at cinema where, at least, it is accurately visible what money is paid for. I sympathize with visitors 3D - sessions because even on the flat screen, without foreign visual intermediaries, messing around of iron surpassed all imaginable limits.

P. S. On Kinopoisk around a picture the unhealthy agiotage when red (negative) reviews minusutsya desperately reigns, and zelenenky (positive) go uphill. What, generally, entirely justifies a plan of Michael Bae who, having rejected all doubts, removed the next entertaining and hi-tech war game for youth.