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Apartment renovation.

Apartment renovation.

- process of velikotrudniya. Some spend on it a lot of time and sincere forces, trying to make all the hands. And who even manages it. Others invite experts, will quickly and rather cheap realize ideas and the customer`s wishes or maybe will offer the project. In any business there is the system, the checked sequence of actions which will lead to optimum result. In everyone... But it always was and will remain natural disaster of local scale.

Types of repair. to the Person changes are necessary for

. An excellent way to make positive changes to the life - to make apartment renovation. For example, to replace wall-paper, to update a floor or a ceiling, to cardinally change shape of a bathroom or to unrecognizably turn kitchen, and at last, to carry out re-planning of your housing! Well, how, understood? Probably, you will tell: there is no money. So they are always not enough. And in the apartment we spend the best hours of the life, in the house has to be cozy to us - and that is important - to our children, is comfortable - to guests, at last, our house is, in some measure, our person. Not without reason speak: show me an interior of your apartment, and I will tell what you the person. Without doubts - business dizzy, demanding the most thorough training, however, we hope that the materials of this heading planned to the publication will help you to define the opportunities, it is the best of all to pick up necessary materials and the equipment, it is correct to plan and with a minimum of expenses to organize work flow. Only after all above-mentioned it will be possible to count that efforts, means and time will not be spent for nothing, and your apartment will become convenient and cozy.

Repair cost.

Sometimes, apparently, that this natural disaster and that to endure it, it is necessary to have big self-control and endurance. Around noise, dust and constantly for whom what is not enough. However, as well as any vital need not to pass it. There is a wish that home it was always pleasant to come. But “I want from a stage that the apartment was as...“ to a stage “yes, quite so I also represented all“ there is a mass of difficulties. As much as possible to optimize process, all is better to think over to trifles at once. For a start it is necessary to be defined what is necessary to you: “cosmetic“ (replacement of a floor covering, repair of walls and ceilings enter here) or “capital“ (practically everything changes: from an electrical wiring to bathroom equipment) at the same time also re-planning of the apartment is possible.

European-quality repair. the Term “European-quality repair“ within several years is often used by

in our life. What do we understand as this word? Let`s begin not with technical details, and we will find out sense of this word in everyday life. Believe that is the beautiful plastic sockets fixed close from a floor, the painted plasterboard walls and a false ceiling with the built-in lighting. Also call white walls and blinds in the office made of import materials. The fact that recently the fashion to use of the euro prefix passes pleases and in announcements “qualitative“ or “exclusive“, but not just carried out works all dependences on their quality even more often use characteristics.

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