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Hypothesis: The earth will turn into new temporary measurement of

the Note from the Moscow newspaper “ZHIZN“ (N4, 2011)

the Author: Grigory Telnov

MANKIND waits for great quantum transition

All present problems - global financial crisis, the world warming, world terrorism, earthquakes, floods and other cataclysms - will seem a real trifle in comparison with what can wait for us in the short term.

The hypothesis of great quantum jump which the Russian physicist Leonid Maslov tried to prove scientifically is similar to the script of the fantastic movie: on the eve of Catholic Christmas of 2012 physical parameters will change, and the planet together with all inhabitants will smoothly turn into other temporary measurement.

By the way, the impetus to researches of great quantum transition to Leonid Maslov was given by now deceased Petersburg professor Valentin Karelin - the scientist who was well known personally by the author of this note.

Karelin had phenomenal gift to give right forecasts, using intuition. “There is no thinking, there is a mysleshleniye, - Karelin said. - We can receive the right answer directly from God!“

Maslov understood Karelin`s words when at dawn he visited Moisey`s mountain in Egypt. Then, by its recognition, at it and “the channel opened“, it began to write down the messages coming to its mind to people of Earth.


the End of times about which it is written in many sacred books can occur without global floods, the fires and other tortures. People will feel pleasure - as if just will leave in the blossoming garden the stuffy room. Everything will be other around - time will pass differently, and we at last will behold Ina - hidden - the world available to angels...

According to contactors (they call themselves specialists in a chenneling), people with clean and kind heart will turn into new measurement. It is difficult to present it, but, it appears, kind thoughts have other frequency, than angry. Simplifying to a primitive, something similar turns out on dress - a code in elite club. Only here not to lend the kind soul any more as a tuxedo...

By the way, purely theoretically the key to sort people by spirituality level, is. Also it depends not on skin color, education level and intelligence, and on belief degree. The academician Tatyana Bekhtereva and her colleagues ten years ago, having made a series of experiments, proved that during a prayer brain biorhythms change. If the person sincerely believes in God, then it also can be a key to our general paradise after 2012. Power vibrations of a human body of the believer are much higher, than at the atheist, and upon quantum transition it will have, seemingly, crucial importance.


Great quantum transition, according to prophets - esotericists, is a space revolution which will clear human race of that sincere dirt and defects with which people cannot cope thousands of years.

Inhabitants of other worlds and civilizations, as the famous American contactor Krayon predicts (probably, Krayon through the famous American contactor Li Carroll - an editor`s note means) will contact Earth which made great quantum transition. “We one blood!“ - they will tell, like kiplingovsky Mowgli. Or: “We one level of vibrations!“ - mediums - esoterics is higher than blood puts wave relationship.

“In 2012 will come to the end 26 - the thousand-year period provided to mankind for independent development in the conditions of a material world. Will end provided to people absolyutnayastepen freedoms in their actions and acts. Ahead new life in the conditions of high consciousness and high responsibility.

The main condition of transition to new life is the aspiration of the person to implementation of laws of harmonious development. But for mankind in the form in which it exists today, it is equivalent to a sentence.“ Possible date of transition of esoterics call on December 21, 2012. The previous space cycle came to the end with death of the Fourth race and disappearance of Atlantis. Then about one million people drove out of two billion population of the Fourth race. Which of nearly seven billion present population of Earth will pass Great Quantum Transition and is transformed to the Fifth (from the Fifth in the Sixth - an editor`s note) race?

The Doctor of Engineering Leonid Maslov - one of the most famous Russian contactors - so describes great quantum transition: “Streams of high-frequency energy will change geometry of Space and will transfer everything on the planet to higher level of power vibrations. For people it will be transition to four-dimensional vision of Space, to the advanced World, contact with the parallel Worlds where criterion for evaluation of the person are not material interests, but the high level of consciousness“.


“The scale of planetary changes which we should endure, it is difficult for you to present, and any exact science cannot predict and furthermore to describe all that expects your World in the next years“, - Leonid Maslov in the book “Revelations to People of the New Century“ writes. He claims that the truth stated there is received by it from representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. To trust them or not - everyone can solve for himself. But it is already impossible to ignore, the whole world is in the deepest system crisis now, and each person, each nation looks for for itself an exit from a damned labyrinth where ourselves tired out ourselves in a pursuit of gold and pleasures...

On Maslov`s hypothesis, in the world after 2012 financial, economic and political structures will exchange.

“Shares of the banks and the enterprises will turn into empty pieces of paper, - the scientist claims. - People created on Earth the World of illusions founded on values, senseless for the Universe, and resisting to Plans of God. This World forever consigns to the past“.

After 2012 Great Times - will follow the Gold Millennium.

“Time when all people realize themselves when they understand that they - a single whole then borders will disappear and will come time of the world and general prosperity will come, - “American“ Krayon broadcasts. - Diseases will leave, you will live in the young, constantly renewed physical body or in a thin body there is so much how many you will consider necessary for yourself. Many knowledge will open to you, and people will remember many before the hidden abilities in themselves. We will learn to operate the infinite energy surrounding us everywhere and to create from it what is necessary. We will be able to do without food or to manage a minimum. We will meet many entities - our elder brothers and sisters who very much love us and help us now.“ The idea of quantum jump is successfully beaten not only by various psychics - preachers, but also cinema-men. The USA shot the famous series “Quantum Leap“. The Highest Forces abandon his hero in the past that he changed the future.

Source: Revelations to people of a new century