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Why people are afraid of insurance?

Let`s ask ourselves one question: why people are afraid to invest the money in insurance (both accumulative, and risky), to open deposits in banks or to store savings in management of one of finance companies which portfolios can consist of actions, bonds and other securities? How to overcome these fears?

Reason 1 : consequences after destruction of the USSR and combustion of all deposits in the Savings Banks in the countries of today`s CIS. The majority thinks that the same situation can repeat at any time and today. At the same time very few people know that there are financial groups for which bankruptcy is almost impossible from - for high for liquidity of assets, stable and constantly replenishments of authorized capitals or the capitals. To destroy such enterprise, simultaneous coincidence of many factors is necessary that on probability theory can have an opportunity as one to one million.

Reason 2 : people consider that they earn insufficiently and therefore are not able to afford to postpone any funds for the future. Some in general hardly make ends meet. But if to change nothing what waits for them further? If lose work, problems with health will begin where to take the necessary means? Or it is necessary to help relatives. Begin to think, look for strenuously additional opportunities, to run in search of money, often driving itself into a debt hole from which it is unknown when are chosen. Very few people can think of it in advance and to be prepared for such events. Though it very simply and is only enough to change the view of the relation to money, their preservation and enhancement. If we cease to spend 10% of our income, it is a lot of? Only a drop in the ocean, but over time these daily, monthly, annual savings bring big benefit. It is necessary just to understand it, to count, correctly to make the saved investments, you will feel then more protected.

Reason 3 : squandering and inability to live within means. As the example, got paid today, paid necessary bills, products etc., paid off with the previous debts, hardly held on to the following salary, at the same time still will carry if again it is not necessary to lend. And so from month to month, from year to year. It is worth reflecting only where and what I can save on that it is really necessary for me and what I can do without. Coming into a supermarket behind one - three products, often leave with full paper bags (supermarkets and count on it). One of exits - to take with itself that sum of means which you need to spend for necessary products or goods.

Reason 4 : I and so have money, they are enough, till the old age will be enough. Life flows, in it everything changes, millionaires become bankrupts, money depreciates, the enterprises are closed by owners and sold by auctions, the material wealth is not eternal, wealth in us if we are able to understand it and to use for the life.

Reason 5 : a banal question - and why to me it? The banal answer - and then! When you need the help what you will do? You will go to friends, they will help once, maybe, two and what then? It is really worse when you can cope with the difficulties, at the same time also to help others? Many consider that the trouble can avoid them. Sincerely I wish all that so it also was. But it is always necessary to have the plan as to protect itself in a crisis situation.

Reason 6 : and, as it seems to me, the main - financial illiteracy of the population. It is better to store money under a pillow near itself, than to give them to the uncle or the aunt which will be able correctly to use them. And suddenly will not give? And it is suddenly deceived? But if to live so all life about what happiness or wealth it is possible to speak? You study, misters, develop the knowledge in the field of finance and money in general.

Why I can recommend to accumulative life insurance along with usual capital investments , such as deposits, mutual investment funds and others, deposits in gold? Everything is very simple - profitability same, sometimes more, depending on overall performance of management company. Any good European insurance company has the overcautious person who guarantees payments, and at times a guarantor is the state. Risks - minimum it is, no more, than in banks or various investment funds. The main advantage - payment of the insured sum in case of an illness, disability or death, in case of disability. One more of advantages - a privilege at the taxation as from the sum of the income spent for non-state insurance, a tax as from physical, and legal entities, it can not be raised.

So, misters, think of the future in advance, increase your financial literacy and everything will be good. Welfare to you and spiritual prosperity!