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Souvenir banknotes. Who suffered also what is going to be done?

On sale in various booths and shops over the past few years appeared a large number of souvenir notes - so-called “toy money“ which is not means of payment. Despite it, some persons nevertheless manage to pay with such “toy money“ many purchases.

In 2009 “... in the city of Usolye - Siberian two jobless citizens decided to apply in business five souvenir notes of 1000 rubles without a series, with the inscription “sample of 1907“. Having arrived to the Central market of the city, in one of outlets bought a women`s jacket worth 500 rubles and paid off with the souvenir note, having been paid back from the seller of 500 rubles in kind. The seller, having found out that money artificial, called the staff of security agency. The citizens trying to disappear were detained, the remained notes were withdrawn from them“, - writes Information Irkutsk portal .

The same year “... with use of “tickets of bank of tricks“ it was swindled in Moscow. According to law enforcement agencies, a certain Caucasian managed to buy in exchange office 23 thousand dollars for a pack of souvenir rubles “, - tells the website Lenta. ru . And in 2010, according to same the Internet - a source, “In the Voronezh region two men were detained on suspicion of fraud with use of souvenir money. It is established that 30 - summer men bought souvenir thousand banknotes on which instead of the inscription “ticket of bank of Russia“ it appeared “the ticket of bank of tricks“ in a booth. On each note by a red font it was written that it is not means of payment. However old men , as a rule, agreed to accept these notes as a payment for a potato bucket worth 100 rubles. Having taken away potato and 900 rubles change, swindlers left“.

Some “jokers“ went further away - learned to deceive counterfeit banknotes not only people, but also the car. “In Ufa payment terminals accept souvenir banknotes of “Bank of tricks“. Despite assurances of producers of reliable protection of bill acceptors against forgeries, 147 souvenir banknotes of 500 rubles it was accepted in payment for various services. New fashion of malefactors - washing of counterfeit money through payment service providers “, - the website slotinfo writes. ru.

Besides an opportunity to buy souvenir banknotes in booths, from most of the citizens having Internet access, an opportunity to order such “money“ via the websites which dazzle with announcements of production and sale of fakes not only at retail, but also wholesale is! It is possible to find any goods in their assortment: “Case “one million dollars“, “Pack of souvenir notes “100 EURO“ and so forth.

The patience of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia came to an end, and the ban on copying of banknotes on the scale from 75 to 125 percent from the area of a real banknote will come into force soon . The relevant amendments to the bill “About modification of article 29 of the Federal law “About the Central bank Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)“ and are already made to the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences. Deputies of the State Duma will accept them at the beginning of autumn session. Penalties for violation will make up to 5 thousand rubles, for legal entities - to 50 thousand rubles. To printing houses where such souvenirs were printed, confiscation of property, as for forgeries will threaten.

By the way, despite the existing severity, counterfeit money are made too. One is the share of each hundred thousand notes - two forgeries . They can get to any person both in shop, and at salary payment, and even in the bank.

How to recognize the false note , learns the website goznak. ru.

1. the Surface of a banknote has to be slightly relief and rough. If paper smooth, it has to guard as counterfeit banknotes print on such paper. And here the crunch will hardly become a distinctive sign since to select the paper similar for a crunch to the real money poddelshchik well learned.

2. Pay attention to a protective thread. Experts are sure that swindlers did not manage to seize in perfection its vvarivaniye technology in paper. The silvery thread on the present note is densely stitched through its cloth, at the same time figure 1 in the image of face value as if “runs“ into it whereas on a forgery the thread goes over an edinichka.

3. See readability of small texts. In modern rubles on a polymeric thread the text of “Central Bank of Russia“ has to be executed by the micropress. On the back consider a protective grid.

4. Look at a municipal coat of arms of Yaroslavl. If to turn the note on light, then color of “a violet bear“ has to change on brown and greenish.

5. Directly under the coat of arms microperforation in the form of 1000 is. If real, then microperforation it has a smooth note to the touch on both sides. And if a fake, then it is possible to feel a roughness on the one hand. All the matter is that underground workers do perforation by means of a cliche of needles whereas on the real money it is done by the laser.

6. do not forget about watermarks. Experts assure that on the original we will surely see uneven distribution of tones, and on forgeries a water sign, as a rule, monophonic and more darkly, than it is necessary.

These signs can be found even a naked eye if the banknote is made on the home computer. At emergence of doubts in authenticity of a banknote, it needs to be checked in any nearby branch of the bank and if there are no doubts, needs to address to militia “.

Then what a ban on copying of money will not help the country to get rid of forgeries? Probably and. How many thought out different ways of protection of banknotes against a fake how many tried to make them more protected, all the same counterfeiters invented new and new methods of a fake. But now the citizens caught for the press of “banknotes of bank of tricks“ will be punished much more seriously... Of course if the law nevertheless is adopted .

For now swindlers deceive new people while they pay with these fakes the purchases and take for a ride to old men, deputies of the State Duma go on leave and postpone legislative changes for the beginning of autumn session.