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How it is correct to pick up a bracelet on a leg? Rules of seduction

the Thin chain on an anklebone can look very elegantly on any girl if to her image there corresponds this plain accessory. Fashionable seductresses share a secret that a bracelet on a leg, as well as other elements for ornament it is necessary to be able to pick up competently too and besides it is correct to carry.

It would seem that here difficult: chose a bracelet, put on and it is possible to meet the destiny. But at the same time very few people consider that not each girl will be is a match by this ornament and then, a certain lady needs a special bracelet.

As it is known from marks of historians and scientists, in archeological excavations bracelets on a leg which with pleasure carried women in antiquity were found more than once. But, as a rule, only ladies from the upper class could afford similar luxury. There is also a reverse of the medal: the chain on an anklebone was also carried also by the girls of the most ancient profession trading in the body. They put on a bracelet the left anklebone while ladies who just expressed freedom and wanted to get acquainted dressed up a graceful chain the right leg.

Today all these rules are already not so followed and know about them in principle the few. If the modern girl decides to get brasletik on a leg, then she will make it most likely of those motives that this ornament not only now is in fashion, but also is capable to emphasize appeal and feminity of the owner. In the countries of the East of the girl very often put on chains both legs at once, and the sound from links accompanied belly dance. The tradition of carrying a bracelet on an ankle went from east countries worldwide. At the same time now generally brasletik serve as means of ornament and addition of an image. Sometimes on a thin chain attach various small kulonchik, each of which can make the special sense. For example, they can symbolize the travel which are not fulfilled wishes or significant events in life.

Among all range of jewelry and costume jewelry which are offered in the market today each girl will be able to choose for herself the most suitable option. The thin graceful anklebone will be perfectly decorated by a chain of small links which can be added with a pendent. It will be also quite good to look the bracelet consisting of several parts which can be made, for example, of multi-colored plastic. If the girl possesses quite large anklebone and a foot which is brought closer on appearance to man`s, then the chain of average links which will frame a leg will be suitable for her and to give it elegance.

If you decided to put on a bracelet a leg, then do not forget that some people can be informed concerning history of this ornament. Therefore try to put on it the right anklebone and at the same time do not forget that today the bracelet on a leg can mean freedom of his owner. And if you decided to put on a chain just as ornament, then nobody will be able to forbid you to make it as everyone creates fashion for himself independently, irrespective of the general opinion.