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The choice of a toilet bowl - what to prefer? Importance of this sanitary device nobody will be able to call

into question. Any apartment, any public place does not do without it.

And though at us it is not accepted to speak loudly about toilet bowls, sooner or later many face need of acquisition or replacement of this sanitary miracle.

How it is correct to choose a good toilet bowl in the sea of the offered range? For this purpose we will consider what types of toilet bowls and their advantage happen. We will, of course, not list all types of toilet bowls, but the main we will try.

Who is more senior, remembers that the toilet bowl tank in old Soviet period fastened under a ceiling of the toilet room. And, to wash away products of human activity, it was necessary to pull the handle hanging sideways on a long chain and to listen to murmur of the water which is going down from above. Here about an esthetics the speech, of course, did not go - only naked functionality. At the same time and now it is possible to get sanfayans in retrostyle with a graceful chain and the beautiful porcelain handle. Especially such toilet bowl will be interesting to those who prefers an interior of the apartment in style rococo, an empire style, baroque or a modernist style.

As it is correct to choose a good toilet bowl?

Floor model with an adjacent tank - the most widespread type of a modern toilet bowl. In this series distinguish monoblocks and compacts. At the first the bowl and a tank for discharge represent a uniform design. At the second - the tank is located behind a toilet bowl on a special shelf. Dimensions and design at both can strongly vary. These models in spacious rooms are especially good - their beauty is most noticeable here.

As not always we can brag of a spacious bathroom, requirements of economy of useful area in it plays not the last role. How to choose a toilet bowl and its installation for the small-sized apartment? Here we will be helped by a suspended toilet bowl. It is mounted on a special steel frame which hides behind a back wall of a toilet together with a drain tank. By sight the compact and fragile, suspended toilet bowl is capable to sustain loading to 300 kg. The sinks and a bidet suspended in the same way will help to add an interior of the combined bathroom. Products of this kind enjoy wide popularity now.

How it is correct to choose a qualitative toilet bowl? There is a lot of offers on a form, design and color of these sanitary devices... For example, there are bezbachkovy models - so-called drukshpyuler . They should not accumulate water volume in the tank. It is absent simply. The water demanded for discharge, is sucked in directly from a water pipe. You need to press the button of management for this purpose only.

In this subject we cannot but concern the toilet bowls designed especially for physically disabled people. The main features of such devices are a bigger size of a bowl, existence of rotary or folding handles - holders and automatic descent of water. Some models have even the built-in intercom and illumination necessary in some cases. These types of toilet bowls can be also executed in any style and are trimmed by decorative materials.

Now in many modern apartments there are about two toilets - one guest, another - for living. How it is correct to pick up good toilet bowls for these toilets? The choice is left for hosts.