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How to become the strong-willed person?

of Many of us visit thoughts of such important attribute of any successful person as the developed will power from time to time.

And from time to time we begin to work on it, but, alas, with variable success: sometimes something planned turns out, sometimes not. What it depends on? “From the fact that the person tries insufficiently“, - will tell many. Also will not be right.

The person cannot try a little if he moves in that direction which is important for him. There is nothing stronger than internal need for achievement of the purpose that is when the result is necessary to the person, but not his environment. When he understands, and often just feels that, having achieved the desirable, it will better realize the potential and considerably will increase quality of the life.

This knowledge also is the strongest incentive to fulfillments. Then the obstacle any more not of an obstacle, is also not covered by melancholy at thought of long, tiresome and laborious work which, maybe, will sometime lead to achievement of the treasured purpose. Takes not only result, but also process of its achievement because even small actions in the necessary direction allow to be engaged in the fact that there is a wish above all. Therefore, for example, it is interesting to born businessman to develop the business, to the person who is carried away by a garden - a kitchen garden, not in burden constantly to place, weed something, to fertilize and so on.

So to become the strong-willed person, it is necessary to find, first of all, that business which will be of the greatest interest specifically to you. Or, as Confucius was precisely expressed: “Find to yourself work to liking - and you should not work day“. It is an honest truth, to work, in sense it is heavy and boring to stick, it is not necessary: your interest going from the heart itself will push to switching off the TV and to sit down for work. Yes what there the TV when is necessary to make so much interesting!

But here is how to find this business to liking? This question is already more difficult. The answer to it can be buried under the mass of various false installations, acceptable bans, various fears. In that case work with the qualified psychologist or the psychotherapist can appear an optimal variant. However our few compatriots will make up the mind to such step: one for it can not have enough means, another is not ready to open soul before foreign person yet, the third lives in a small town where there is no suitable expert.

Therefore I suggest to take the first steps independently. Try to remember what was pleasant to you in the childhood. Feelings of the child the most truthful, various bans did not manage to work on him fully yet.

And if it is not remembered, listen to yourself today`s. We constantly obtain some information: on the TV, from books and magazines, from talk of people around. On what the look stops? From what inside everything fades with delight?

It is impossible? Then try to relax and present such situation: you had an opportunity not to work, cares of relatives do not hang on you, you can think only of himself, of the desires and be engaged in the fact that you want. What do you feel? To what pulls you?

By the way, most likely, you do not receive a definite answer on the question it seems: “I want to be the pilot“. Interpretation will be somewhere in the field of feelings, it will be similar to a mosaic from which still it is necessary to put the picture which is most corresponding to your opportunities.

For example, you feel requirement to be on public, adore communicating and meets new people, possess a managerial ability and love a variety. And now think what fields of activity where it is possible to realize these desires are.

Perhaps, to think of organization of events, of work in PR or journalism? Or to think up something else. The main thing to reveal the bents and to understand in what area they can be useful. And then to overcome fear of new and to plunge - into what dreamed all life of.

Then by itself different empty affairs will recede into the background, and you with ease will refuse senseless wandering on the Internet or infinite small talks. And without any reminders you will sit down for work.

And someone will admire: “What strong character at this person, time he can force to be engaged in business. And how to it it works well?“