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“Blue lagoon“. In what a charm of this movie?

As far as I remember, for the first time watched this movie at the age of 13-14 years. And, in spite of the fact that the movie idea about hit of the person on the desert island as a result of ship-wreck not new, noted that I have full authority to call this movie a masterpiece. I will try to explain why.

Gentle, romantic and very touching story of innocent love of two charming young creations thrown by will of evil destiny on the plot of land in the middle of the ocean …

the Beginning of the movie as it seems to me, it is a little crumpled - too quickly everything occurred: the ship at once lit up also together with all crew members, except children Richard and Emmeline and the seaman Paddy who rescued them, disappeared in a black smoke.

But what subsequent shots: the lonely boat with rescued, the most beautiful ocean decline. “When the sun will concern water, you will hear how whether it hisses …“ Can come to mind to us, to the people tired of a mad rhythm of life, such thought that the sun can hiss, concerning water? Or what at the edges of a rainbow there are treasures? Light, illusive dreams from the far-away country of the childhood from where all of us it is.

The nature on the island really paradise. Here it is not necessary to get a daily bread by the sweat of the brow. Lead and enjoy life! Heat, food is a lot of. But at the same time the movie sharply and shocking shows - there is no paradise on the earth, the person is mortal. Gloomy conversations of children and the seaman behind a fire. Then terrible death of Paddy in the ocean. Group of cruel savages on other end of the island. Dangerous berries and fishes. From sufferings and pain you will not hide even on the very brink of light.

But it does not reduce love of gradually maturing children. Overcoming fear, they learn themselves and the world about which they almost know nothing. Having seen an idol of savages, they decide that it is a God. Ridiculously and sadly.

But it is surprising: Richard`s prayer to this god about rescue of the wounded Emmeline who stepped on a stone - fish, helps. Richard does not know that he prays incorrectly, the main thing that does it in all sincerity - and that says it all. Breaking the second commandment, he does not break main - “love the neighbor as himself“ - and rescues the girlfriend.

Children did not know why people are cruel. Certainly, in the neighbourhood with savages it was very terrible to live in spite of the fact that Paddy told some tale of Boogeyman. But they waited for rescue. Surprises why, having noticed the ships, they did not give a signal at once. Just were not in time or forgot? Or perhaps on the island to live it became already so habitual what there was no wish to leave it?

Richard and Emmeline did not know sex education. Did not know why people should marry as there is a reproduction. But, maturing and mastering independently features of a human body, they begin to feel to each other a natural attraction, just the friendship passes into something bigger. Even when they gave birth to the son, they did not understand why it occurred. The idea of purity and extraordinary touching of this love stands out through all movie.

Finally it would be desirable to tell the word about actors. Smart hair, a beautiful face Shields, the playing Emmeline, emphasize her feminity, tenderness. Despite a comical situation when on shootings it had to go in flutes from - for high growth, it does not spoil impression about viewing at all. Atkins playing Richard - in the movie the typical courageous hero, but at the same time kind and careful.

This sad melodrama ended with death of heroes at the end, but their son survived. The movie bears in itself ideas of kindness, the help to the neighbor, purity in the relations. It is impossible to watch it without tears.

“The blue lagoon 1“, of course, is not so popular as “Titanic“. But - at cinema and in life - the pure, sincere love surely has to be.