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Teapot in the Emirates. Where to go to excursions?

Any rest are not limited only to visit of beaches and shops. In the overseas regions there are a lot of sights and interesting places which are simple for not visiting a sin, having gone to foreign travel.

Question eleventh: what it is worth looking in the Emirates at?

In the first evening should travel independently on the evening city, to walk on on the embankment of the Dubai gulf, a loop the covering Deyra. The flood of light, the sea of brightly lit show-windows, the sea of people in peculiar clothes make impression of a carnival. This day it is better to buy nothing - only to look.

However if you need the guide, call the accepting firm. If you want - collective excursion, then you want - individual. A difference in 5 dollars. Most likely, your guide will have the plan. But just in case take an interest whether visit of the village of crafts enters it. Welcome it, the most impressive show - the museum under the open sky where you will be able to glance to the real dwellings of nomads, to look how smiths and pletelshchik of palm leaves work, and women in iron half masks (them instead of a veil only mothers of several sons carry) will bake on your eyes according to the ancient recipe the most tasty flat cake.

In general, with active recreation problems will not be. On the beach, especially, if you have a rest not one, and small group, surely will approach you and in pure Russian will offer various excursions. Excursion can be ordered also in hotel, through a reception.

How it is better? The prices are unified, tourism in the Emirates - the whole industry. Quality depends on the clearness of the organization and the identity of the guide.

Take an interest, by the way, what transport is provided. In my opinion, the big bus is less preferable, than, say, the minibus. Not because it less komfortabelen, it is simple to organize the bigger number of people more difficultly, longer than a stop and it is better to travel in the small amicable company, than big group where everyone in itself.

And still there is one nuance. It seems that the staff of hotel has some percent from organizers of excursions. There was a case when the girl who on the beach ordered excursion was just not connected to the organizer: its hotel had with it no arrangement. Therefore if you order excursion independently, then take the business card of the agent that was where to call.

Excursions are expensive, but are worth it.

Here, for example, of a safari on jeeps . Ten one and a half cars participate in this action. At first an extreme - races on red sandy barkhans. The more to squeal, the more interestingly. (But warn organizers in advance that you do not know languages. If nobody in the car speaks in Russian, you will uncomfortably feel).

Already in twilight bring in … The devil only knows, as to call this place: settlement, fortress, camp? In any case, it is fenced with a wooden fence and carpeted, and around low little tables with pillows for sitting. You will be fed with an amazing dinner, will make a tattoo on a hand or on any other part of a body. It is also possible to smoke a hookah, it is called a shish. (By the way, it is not forbidden to smoke a hookah - on health, and here drugs are strictly forbidden. For their distribution the death penalty is necessary and it is carried out, despite a sex, age and nationality). The hookah is weaker than our cigarettes, but is more fragrant. And then, it whole exotic ritual.

On snack - belly dance. The charming flexible dancer fascinates, lights. Seldom who will refuse to dance when you are pulled out in a circle by such beauty. So there is a wish to imprint this dance for memory. But not any equipment is capable to make it in the dark.

The second standing excursion - on the coast of the Indian Ocean . Oh, it gives the chance to feel the white person. Appeal of excursions, in my opinion, also that they as if equalize tourists. No matter, in what hotel you stopped - 3 - x or 5 - stars. You will receive exactly so much how many others for the money. A magnificent lunch, a wonderful garden, chaise lounges at the blue pool. And the most important - the underwater world stretched around the coral island. Excursion takes the whole day. It is the best of all to plan such trip for Thursday or Friday. All the same these days it will not be possible to do some shopping.

By the way, two councils. At excursion it is not necessary to take at all anything (everything will provide), but gathering for they are take with yourself a plastic bottle. On the road you surely stop at a source with unusual water. They say that it rejuvenates an organism. Do not recommend to drink it, and to wash here - huge pleasure. Prolong it as long as possible.

The second council - for those who wear strong glasses. The mask with points is not joined to a tube with which you will be supplied for scuba diving therefore think of lenses. Without them you will not be able to make out an enchanting spectacle of an underwater kingdom really. And still slates will be useful to you. Around the island small, but it is impossible to become bare feet on a bottom: sharp prickles of sea hedgehogs which pricks are extremely painful stick out from - under everyone a stone.

One of the most fascinating excursions - a trip to Abu - Dabi . This administrative heart of Arab Emirates. It is their short, but wonderful history. The image of the sheikh Zayed, wise governor, immensely dear and sincerely loved by the Arab people, shines over Abu - Dabi. He looks at you from all billboards, from all posters.

Find out in advance whether visit of a roof of the highest building is planned, from it you will be able to look on night Abu - Dabi - an enchanting show.

The magnificent dinner at restaurant - the ship where give meat dishes on lattices copper zharoven, filled with the burning coals finishes, as a rule, excursion.

The list of excursions is big. Choose that to you to taste and on means...

Question twelfth: whether the health insurance is necessary to you?

Generally what can happen to you in a week? But all - is quieter when you have it. Medical care in the Emirates not just expensive, and scary expensive. You judge: the call of the doctor will cost you 500 dirhams - 139 dollars. Visit of a medical office - 100 dirhams (28 dollars). Help you will be given very qualified and effective, but it is not free.

Most likely, the travel agency will offer you the insurance policy. In any case, an insurance offered me such terms - pay firm 5 dollars, pay off the doctor, and we will return then to you. But here be careful, the firm cool made the insurance contract - it does not pay treatment of chronic diseases. And if aggravation?

“It would not be better at me than any insurance, - the tourist at whom in the first day the leg so ached that she could not move with it complained. - I got a fright, but it seems would endure, and here - there is an insurance - dragged me to the doctor. It appeared - arthrosis, never knew that I have it. I hardly understand the doctor, I put an insurance, and he speaks - it is not necessary. Z0 of dollars threw out also on drugs as much. Arrived, in insurance company it was put, and I - do not have the translation, there is no press of the doctor, chronic diseases is not paid“.

If you are really anxious with the health, it is worth seeing to it about more effective insurance though it will cost considerably dearer.

Question thirteenth: how to put on also what to take with itself?

should not think that summer short and to you in the Emirates there will be enough pair of undershirts. And bomzhy you should not put on too if, of course, you are not going to update completely the clothes and to throw out old things in a garbage can.

If round in January, February, even at the beginning of March, with itself it is worth taking a summer jacket: happens cool, approximately, as at us in May in the evening. It will be offensive if you have to freeze or to urgently buy unplanned and, in general, an unnecessary thing.

And in general, take with yourself as little as possible - more opportunities to take away more back. Each kilogram of an overload will cost you three dollars.

Successful to you a trip and it is as much as possible impressions!