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How to choose the style? Advice to Sagittariuses, Capricorns, Aquarius and Fishes of

to be always on the ball and to be an imitation standard for other people not so - that simply. Self-confidence and fine sense of style is for this purpose necessary.

For this reason the question of the choice of clothes, a make-up, a hairdress and accessories is such actual for women. We like to try to catch on ourselves delighted looks of men and jaundiced eyes of competitors. So, let`s ask for the help astrology to be defined in the style choice.

The Sagittarius likes to travel, learn something new and to rejoice to every moment of life. The representative of this sign always is in the movement therefore she chooses clothes convenient, free or sports style. Though for it not the last role is played by opinion of people around, to it it is important that its choice was approved by others. The Sagittarius prefers to choose blue, white and light shades for clothes. It well will suit trouser suits, shirts and jackets. It will be fine to look on it fabric with outflow.

From accessories are necessary for the Sagittarius a belt on a waist and a convenient portfolio. Unfortunately, women of this sign are not able to contain all necessary things in a small ladies` handbag at all.

For a make-up the Sagittarius can use bright lipsticks and an easy flush. The best choice for it - jewelry of gold, platinum and silver. From stones the Sagittarius needs to pay attention to pomegranate, sapphire, an emerald, topaz and turquoise.

The goat does not love excesses, does not seek to stand out from the crowd, preferring to hide in a shadow. She likes to dress simple and strict things - for example, blouses, jackets, direct skirts, classical suits. The goat suits practically all dark shades that plays into the hands of her as this sign does not differ in special cleanliness - during the day it can always put a spot on the clothes.

It is better for Capricorn to choose low heel shoes from footwear. The representative of this sign should not do a make-up too bright, the only condition - can be allocated with dark shadows of an eye, having created a smoky look. The goat should not put on himself a large number of jewelry, it is better to be limited to one thing, but original. Itself can even make ornament with own hands or to take an accessory from ancient family relics.

The Aquarius is able to strike surrounding with the original and extravagant appearance. The representative of this sign loves freedom, and in all spheres. Its style too boundless and free. It any clothes, any color and a style will approach. By the way, Aquarius is more often than other zodiac signs is legislators of fashion, an example for imitation.

For Aquarius an accessory can become almost anything. Even the laptop or the mobile phone becomes fashionable ornament in their hands. For a make-up she needs to use silvery and nacreous tone, you should not neglect a lip gloss. However even if Aquarius has no mood to be painted, it will remain all the same mysterious and fine. From jewelry it will be suited both expensive things, and costume jewelry. It is the best of all to choose sapphire, amethyst or pomegranate from natural stones.

Fishes - pensive, mysterious and reserved. They love warm, cozy and comfortable things. For them rigid fabric or a very tall hairpin on shoes - the most dreadful moments on light. From synthetics the representative of this zodiac sign right there has an irritation and a peeling. Therefore from fabrics she should pay attention to natural, soft materials, such as the Angora wool and silk. It perfectly will suit the fitting polo-necks, baud, long dresses and skirts. Lacy and knitted things will well look on Fishes. Classical business clothes not for the woman of this sign. Though in it she will also feel more surely and more built, however at long carrying will become tired and upset.

Among flowers of Fish prefer all shades blue and green, that is all sea colors. Will perfectly emphasize their mysterious and pensive type of fabric with outflow.

For a make-up Fishes should use greenish and blue shades. They can safely tint eyes blue ink and the same eyeliner. It is possible to apply planimetric pencils to eyes and lips to make features more accurate and brighter.

It is very important to be the stylish and fashionable woman in our world. You should not follow, of course, blindly advice of astrology, but, having adopted some moments, you can be defined in what direction to you to move. Remember that you the woman, you always have to cause admiration in people around.

Good luck!