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How to choose the style? Advice to Lions, Maidens, Scales and Scorpions of

If you cannot choose style for yourself, then it is possible to ask for the help astrology. Your character leaves a mark on your way of life and behavior.

We move or we stand still, we put on fashionably or conveniently, we are painted brightly or naturally, we want to look extravagantly or we hide behind ordinary-looking gray clothes … So, what style to choose for itself? Get acquainted with astrological subtleties.

the Lion
always likes to be the focus of attention. The woman of this sign seeks to be in everything the first. She chooses for herself only the best, fashionable, magnificent and new. The lion perfectly is able to present himself, and it with an ulterior motive as she pays much attention and time to the appearance.

Favourite clothes of the Lion - a classical suit of gray, black, golden or claret color. Also on it jackets, trousers and evening dresses with expensive jewelry, that is all refined and noble things will perfectly look.

Lev`s make-up has to be natural though use of cosmetics with gloss is possible. It will suit warm, soft shades. From accessories it is the best of all for Lev to use jewelry of gold with natural stones. It will suit amber, a ruby, chrysolite, rock crystal and golden quartz.

The maiden always puts on “very clean“. She carefully thinks over each accessory before being published. When the Maiden buys any thing, approaches this business very rationally. She will never buy anything superfluous, giving preference to practical things which will serve it long and in any situation. For this reason you will not find bright, colorful clothes in its clothes - only quiet pastel shades, black, gray and white colors.

The maiden perfectly is able to pick up accessories: hats, gloves, shoes, handbags and other. She likes to wear watch, rings and rings. Among the jewels suitable the Maiden - a jasper, a cornelian, nephrite and sapphire.

In a make-up the Maiden should use cold shades and light tone for the person. It should not be painted too strongly, to prefer more natural option of a make-up better.

Scales are able to look stylishly, is sexual and womanly. Always it is possible to find light, fluffy and fleecy fabrics, her favourite colors of clothes in clothes of such woman - white, light, pastel shades. Scales do not seek to follow in everything fashion, choosing only what really suits them. She adores going shopping as she does not like to wear the same clothes long.

Scales will suit strict classical clothes: trousers, suits, dresses. Hats and silk scarves will be excellent accessories for the woman of this sign. She should give preference in a make-up to warm shades, using light tone for the person and an easy flush.

Jewelry for Scales is a distinctive sign and fine addition to appearance. For this reason they especially attentively choose this accessory. And, without having found anything suitable, Scales can make ornament with own hands. The main thing for the representative of this zodiac sign - that it was original and beautiful.

The scorpion likes to attract to himself inquisitive glances of an opposite sex. For this reason it carefully selects to itself a swimwear and underwear which always dresses under clothes a set. Such objects of a toilet as stockings also are of great importance for it, pass - skirts, translucent blouses, tops with deep cut etc. All species of the Scorpion shouts of sexuality and attractiveness. It also should be emphasized to representatives of this sign. Long dresses, skirts and suits will be suitable for mature Scorpions.

The scorpion will be suited by saturated colors - such as claret, green, blue, violet. To it will have on temper of fabric, pleasant for a body: velvet, velveteen, velor, wool.

In a make-up it is necessary to pay special attention to eyes which at the Scorpion fascinating. It is possible to emphasize brightly them with eye shadow, a planimetric pencil and even blue or brown ink. Lipstick can also be bright and with gloss. From jewelry the Scorpion prefers a necklace, pendents and bracelets. And they have to be large and expensive, for example, from gold and jewels.

The preferences in the choice of clothes, a make-up or accessories are inherent in each zodiac sign, however you should not forget also about the feelings. If you like to be painted or wear strongly cowboy`s hats, then continue to do it. Your style is a reflection of an inner world.

Good luck!