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How to choose the style? Coco Chanel told advice to Arieses, Tauruses, Twins and Cancers of

: “The fashion leaves, style remains“, - and we completely agree with it. Any woman wins, having own unique style. But how to choose it? Let`s look that astrology advises a fine half of mankind.

The aries knows what is fashion, and seeks not to lag behind it. The woman of this zodiac sign perfectly feels in the center of attention, likes to try to catch on herself delighted looks of surrounding people. It suits any bright and non-standard things, whether it be a red extravagant dress or green bracelets. Of course, the Aries does not rush to extremes, and all its refined things are always harmoniously combined with each other. Even if at work it is accepted dress - a code, it can always bypass it some unusual accessories.

Suits the aries both free clothes, and fitting. It can carry also sports style as possesses most often the harmonous and tightened figure. As for the flowers which are most suitable the Aries, it is necessary to pay attention to all shades red and orange here.

For a make-up the Aries can use bright and saturated paints. Red lipstick will perfectly look on suntanned face skin. She most often chooses a short hairstyle which is ideally suited for its active lifestyle from hairdresses. It is the best of all to choose jewelry from copper, gold and silver. From stones it is possible to advise to carry diamond, a jasper, amethyst, a ruby, sardonyx, a cornelian or rock crystal.

The Taurus possesses excellent sense of style. It perfectly suits clothes from wool, cotton and silk. The Taurus is able to choose things which will never get out of fashion and will serve very long. And the price of a question not especially concerns her, very often she overbuys things, but excellent quality.

The Taurus is usually inclined to completeness, however it plays into the hands of it only. Even curvy shapes can be emphasized perfectly, having made a silhouette womanly and sexual. Besides practice shows that such women have success in an opposite sex. The Taurus can safely choose long dresses with a deep decollete, high heels and hats. However, it is necessary to refuse various ruches, lightnings, a set of buttons and magnificent collars.

For a make-up the Taurus will be suitable warm shades - beige, cream, pink and brown. Owners of striking traits of the person and a natural flush should not overload the person with excessive paints. From jewelry on the Taurus natural stones - such as agate, an emerald, sapphire, a cornelian, onyx, topaz, pink quartz and turquoise will be best of all to look.

Twins are owners of the hugest and various clothes. And all because the mood changes several times a day. This woman cannot adhere to any certain style or color. The twin always seeks to change something in the shape. In different clothes she feels differently therefore the strict suit is necessary for it for a business meeting, and for entertainments - a lung in peas a dress. Things allow the Twin to be adjusted on the necessary harmony. At the same time any style, any color, any subject of a toilet looks on it perfectly.

From fabrics the Twin prefers easy, translucent and soft. Among clothes stops the choice on short dresses, sundresses, corsages and skirts - the womanly things riveting attention of men.

The twin has regular features therefore, applying a make-up, she does not need to hide or try to change any forms. She can use soft paints in a make-up, giving preference to naturalness. The twin should not put on on himself a lot of jewelry therefore it is better to be limited, for example, to rings or rings.

Cancer prefers a cosiness and comfort including in clothes. She chooses the fitting things, translucent material, green and blue shades and a soft make-up. For this reason Cancer make impression of the fragile and defenseless woman. However with age it can grow stout that is often connected with the birth of children. During this period Cancer prefers free comfortable clothes.

Most harmoniously on Cancer free dresses, long skirts and accurate jewelry from pearls and silver will look. She needs to emphasize the feminity and tenderness.

In a make-up it is necessary to use cosmetics which will help to hide a little indistinct features. The planimetric pencil for eyes and lips, light voice-frequency means will help in this case. For decoration of it is the best of all for Cancer to use a necklace or pendents from silver. Among stones she should give preference to an emerald, pearls, a moonstone and selenit.

Having picked up itself clothes, jewelry and a make-up, you remember that style on it does not come to an end. You still should personify those qualities which you appreciate and to get rid of those that prevent you to live. Style is not only the fact that outside, but also the fact that inside!

Good luck!