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How to teach to play the child in badminton? The short management for training of children of 5 - 8 years.

Admit which of you, leaving on the nature or having arrived to the dacha, does not like to play active sports sometimes? Probably, such it is not enough. If you were sluggards, then would not begin to open this article?! Here and I having left with a family on picnic once took with itself rackets for badminton and a shuttlecock. I wanted to play this game with someone from parents, but they were busy with cooking. And nothing remained to me besides how to train the younger little sister in this sport to play with her. Having come back home I long thought over different ways of training of the child and as a result stopped on one the most successful and simple which tested on the sister. Now I want to share it with you!

Lesson 1. For a start needs to give to the child in hands a racket that it took it, got used to it. It is possible to ask it, as if he treated it as he would beat off a shuttlecock. Then it is necessary to show it your game with someone from friends. If the child with interest and delight watches your duel, then, most likely, will study it much more interestingly and more simply.

Lesson 2. Let the child will try to beat off several times a shuttlecock over himself. Of course, from the first at it it will hardly manage to be made. Therefore you can offer it in a game form (for example, together with you or who more time will catch) to throw on itself a ball and to catch it . I know that many will ask “That difficult here? Everyone will be able to make it!“. Believe, for the child this absolutely difficult exercise. My sister learned it in 3 days, at the same time she threw and caught a ball more than 10 times.

Lesson 3. it is passed back, from a ball to a shuttlecock Now. Let the child learn to throw up a shuttlecock approximately over himself and to beat off it several times . At this time remind the child as well at him it turned out to catch a ball and what he is a good fellow. And exercise with a ball was required in order that the kid will learn to catch several times objects big, than a shuttlecock. If the child incorrectly holds a racket or does not know how it needs to beat off a shuttlecock, prompt and show it, beat off a shuttlecock his hand (in the sense that it is necessary to take your hand his hand in which he holds a racket and to send it to the necessary party). At my sister 1,5 weeks left on it.

Lesson 4. When the previous lesson is passed, it is possible to pass to the following. The child will have to to learn to hit a shuttlecock the mark , that is to throw and beat off it in the necessary direction in the right place. Let the bush or a tree trunk will become the purpose.

Lesson 5. In this lesson adults, for example you will be directly involved. At first you should throw a shuttlecock as it is possible closer to the child that it was simple to it to beat off it, and then it is necessary to throw a shuttlecock in different directions that the child beat off it without standing on one place, and ran, jumped, moved.

So, now you know how to teach to play the child in badminton. Consider that if your child with indifference or disgust passes lessons if it is not interesting to it to listen to what you explain to him if he does not want to be engaged - do not force it! . Pay attention to other sports. Perhaps, your daughter or the son, the sister or the brother - born swimmers or volleyball players. Success in training!

P. S. By the way, I learned that game in badminton perfectly trains sight!