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Whether there are cats - housekeepers? What was farther...

In couple of days a cat everything are began to eat, but disappointedly myavkat at my emergence and for any contacts did not go: did not get out from - under beds.

And then Antonina Georgiyevna called. Reached safely, we look for the apartment how there Varvara? I wanted to state everything that I think of foolish idea to put off to me a cat, about owners, which... But was not in time. The barbarian jumped on an armrest of a chair and exactingly mewed.

- She demands a tube here, - with sarcasm I said. - To give? - Give

, give, please.

Having shrugged shoulders, I stretched a tube to Varvara. That clasped it with both paws, but, of course, did not hold. It was necessary to hold to me a tube at her ear. Listened to the barbarian. Eventually it bothered me, I also finished conversation, having told that we are fine, and there is nothing to spend in vain money.

At night Varvara was to me in a bedroom and climbed under a blanket, having settled in legs. I was not going to share a bed with the cat who condescended to me and tactlessly got rid of the smart aleck on a floor. Without the slightest sound she repeated attempt which was not successful too. Then still, both still, and once again. Angered, I got up and exposed it, having slammed behind it a door. Eventually, the animal has to keep at a distance!

I woke up because that someone is soft, but persistently beats a cheek. In perplexity I opened eyes. Barbarian! It was only not enough! Having seen my open eyes, she with satisfaction murknut and jumped off on a floor, having gone to open (!) doors. There is an infection! How it opened it? I groped an alarm clock on a bedside table. Cattle! Woke - I could sleep still whole half an hour. Having turned over on the other side, I closed eyes, intending to doze.

Aha! Was lost in day-dreams! The barbarian with an exacting myav jumped to me on a shoulder. My God, what it is necessary to it? Is, perhaps, wants, or I forgot and left closed a door in a toilet? It was necessary to rise. Incentively mewing, Varvara brought me … into the hall. And not just to the hall. It stiffened in front of the tape recorder as if expecting something! I puzzly stared at it. Then checked a door in a toilet - it is open, in kitchen a full cup of a kitekat, in a saucer fresh water. Well, I before going to bed washed up its cups (Antonina warned that Varvara from dirty ware does not eat).

The barbarian in a disgusting way and exactingly shouted. She got sick, perhaps?

- What it is necessary to you?

The barbarian brought me into the hall again and stopped in front of the tape recorder. Perhaps, demands music? Well give, I will include. From the tape recorder the melody under which Antonina did the exercises poured down. The barbarian with satisfaction sniffed and jumped on a table, having accepted well familiar contemplate pose.

- My God, - reached me, - yes she brought me to do exercises! There is a foolish woman! I am not Antonina, with its correctness.

Laughing, I was developed to go to a bedroom, but terrible “by Mya - I - at!“ forced me to change the decision. There was no wish to sleep any more. Time is, it is possible and to podrygat hands and legs under incendiary music.

The first step to capitulation was so taken. Further a concession swept an avalanche.

The thrown things brought Varvara into fury: it tore claws the Italian tights which fell down from a chair, intimate objects of a ladies` toilet left in a hurry on a floor the descent could not find. Unless during clear-out I could find them under a sofa or behind a case. Untidy bed (well what it to clean if it is necessary to spread again in the evening!) turned into some brought-down lump, the dirty ware left on a table steadily appeared on a floor, it is good if not broken into pieces. In my opinion, the chistoplyuyka sarcastically smiled, looking as I, swearing, put everything in order.

For good behavior I was waited by an award: The barbarian jumped to me on knees, curved a back and allowed to stroke herself.

She slept now only at me in legs under a blanket, attempts to expel its success could not be crowned by definition. One it did not wish to sleep, opened any doors, except entrance - bolted: palmed off a paw or leaned on a door all weight. And it was necessary to go to bed no later than twelve. The barbarian just did not allow me to sit in front of the computer longer: patronizing humming, jumped on a table, it was trampled down on the keyboard, twirled before a nose a short tail, closed the display. To shout at it, to throw off from a table it was useless - her will was much stronger than mine.

She carefully sniffed at my guests, favourably kept within on legs if they suited it, allowed to scratch a neck. She even delicately left when the distance between me and the guest became so small size that it could be neglected.

If the person was not pleasant to it, especially if from him smelled slightly of the reek of alcohol, she began to shout heart-rendingly, without allowing to talk. When it did not work, cracked down: boots of the guest were suspiciously damp and very specifically smelled, and was useless to hide them in a bedside table - a bedside table she managed too to open, filter inside and to finish with suspicious footwear. As a last resort in its arsenal there was a last resort: claws which it successfully polosovat trousers and tights, and could leave the deep bleeding marks and on naked skin. Eventually, in friends I had only carefully sorted individuals. By the way, as it became clear over time, Varvara was never mistaken.

When once I did not come at night home (well you never know for what reasons the free and adult woman does not spend the night at home), Varvara arranged me the real boycott - refused to eat.

Well, she sponsored me with original passion and in few months trained. To tell the truth, advantage of it was more, than inconveniences.

The head quickly enough ceased to hurt if it kept within on it, humming as a tractor. When joint pains began, was accustomed to sleep on a hip that gave me the chance to fill up without analgetics.

The barbarian watched for a teapot: having been fond of work, I forgot it on a plate, somehow without finding time to buy all new, with a whistle. It was to the room and, having significantly mewed, exactingly conducted the irresponsible person in the kitchen filled with steam.

The barbarian watched whether proceeds where - nibud water. Before its emergence in me there were serious troubles with the lower neighbors: the house is the old, and broken hose or the proceeding tank were the cause for rough scandal. To stop it neither apologies, nor promises were able to pay repair.

Twice she rescued me from the fire. Somehow time when disconnected gas, I lowered in kitchen a boiler in a one-liter jar with water (very much coffee wanted), sat down to work and remembered it, only when Varvara with stared and mad howling myavy rushed into the room. Water from banks all boiled away, and the boiler began to shine gradually ominous red light.

Another time, setting fire to gas, I carelessly threw a match in a garbage can and at once went to the room: phone rang out. Obviously, the match did not go out. Papers which I pushed in a bucket half an hour ago flashed and … Thanks to Varvara, everything managed the burned edge of the plastic window sill which was flowing down the burning drops in an unfortunate bucket. However, in the house for a long time in a disgusting way stank.

However there was one “but“. Painting Varvara`s dignity, Antonin forgot to mention one circumstance. The barbarian was a cat. Twice a year on it found love languor. She began to ride voluptuously on a carpet and howled before an entrance door, demanding that it was let out.

Having returned in couple of days, this reveller resignedly agreed to be washed up in a bathroom, was not indignant when I washed with it a muzzle shampoo, only pulled ears, suffered watering by a shower. After procedure sniffed and it strove to be stirred up, without waiting for a towel, fastidiously shook one, other paw, generously watering also me, both a mirror, and a tiled floor. Wrapped up in a towel, patiently waited when I turn on the hair dryer and I will begin to dry it, though did not try to hide that it does not deliver to it the slightest pleasure. Then kept within on the favourite place under a desk lamp and with satisfaction hummed, causing associations with howl of the tractor processing the flat field, creeping uphill.

In few months Varvara brought couple of kittens into world, steadily bringing them to me in bed, and only as a result of long arrangements agreed to return with them to a case where under the hanging dresses I suited for it and her posterity from an old fur coat something like a den.

I repent, I left only one kitten. My friend helped to get rid of the others to me. When I called her, she knowingly asked:

- What, again?

- Again, - agreed with a sigh I.

Thank God, it did not acquaint me with details of the manipulations.

The remained kitten gave me sincere joy the tricks while at last there was no somebody who agreed to assume care of his further existence. Few times it was not possible to attach, and I long lived with two cats in the house. Though, it is necessary to recognize, any of kittens fell short on intelligence of mother. Or I am a bad teacher?

... At my relatives everything is good. In few months they very successfully got the apartment, however, not in St. Petersburg, and in Pavlovsk. Moreover Antonina Georgiyevna long was ill - acclimatization was given her hard. But managed. Mother works, the daughter studies. Having called somehow, I asked the goddaughter, than the grandmother is engaged?

- How than? - that was surprised. - Trains Mashka.

... The barbarian lived at me years 10. The muzzle at it turned gray, on rise it became heavy, despotism was replaced by apathy. Lay more under a lamp which had to be rearranged on a floor. In the end demanded to open a door and hardly came downstairs accompanied by own son.

Dimon through a couple of hours returned. And I did not see Varvara any more...