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Gasoline or gas for a car? We save on fuel.

Gasoline or gas for a car? We save on fuel.

Economic and fuel crisis painfully cost car owners a pretty penny. Therefore many now seriously thought of installation gas oborudo - a vaniye on the iron horse. Certainly, the pleasure it not from cheap, but quickly pays off and solidly saves on fuel. So far one weigh pluses and minuses and choose where to make it cheaper. Others adopt and go to the checked partners.

know all nuances of transition from gasoline to gas firsthand and are ready to discredit any myths apropos is - uses of natural gas specialists of the technical center “… …“ which works in the sphere of installation of the gas equipment 10 years.

“… …“ is known and is far outside our area. The gossip hotline brings clients not only from nearby areas here, but also from Krasnodar, Rostov and Adygea. All because they quite accept a ratio of the price and quality.

the Head of the technical center, Yury Streltsov, the person in this business not casual. Graduated from technical school of mechanization, many years was zavgary in CJSC …., the skilled driver and the mechanic, itself goes by gas long ago.

- With the advent of the gas equipment 4 - go the generation supporting the Euro - 3 and Euro - 4 standards for safety it is possible to give nearly 100 now - percent. At the slightest malfunction supply of gas from - klyuchatsya. But as for injector mashy I spin - shows the two-fuel mechanism, these are not narrations in any way - it is howled on ability of movement. Besides reliability of work of the equipment in many respects depends on firm of the manufacturer and quality of installation. We work hard years only with large suppliers. This LLC … … (Moscow), LLC … …. (Stavropol Krai), Ltd company “… …. “ (Stavropol). Not all equipment is reliable therefore we do not work with cheap, especially, as for methane, we install the gas equipment only the proved Italian and Turkish producers. It can be picked up under the concrete car and to install practically on any foreign car. We try not to concede on quality to factory assembly.

Specialists of the technical center annually pass training at the foreign partners, attend the All-Russian and international seminars. Also have a wide experience of work, from 6 to 9 years. On their arms all necessary equipment which, to the word you will meet on everyone HUNDRED: the stand for diagnostics and control of gas nozzles 4 - go generations, a gas analyzer, devices for diagnostics of injector engines and other. Before installation of the equipment the car is diagnosed, are debugged and only then it will be converted.

the Cost of installation of the gas equipment from 7 thousand rubles (methane - 25 thousand rubles). All process takes from 3 to 8 hours, on especially difficult models leaves one and a half - two days. Expenses, depending on engine displacement, for 20 - 30 thousand kilometers of run pay off. Metane installations and that quicker.

Not without reason already many local enterprises preferred gas to gasoline. In the technical center “….“ converted the vehicle fleets of CJSC … …., college “… …“, JSC … …., AF “… …“, a bakery, joint project company collective farm “… …“. The last enterprise is served more than 7 years.

of 5 reasons for installation of gas on a car

according to 3000 car owners monthly lips - navlivat the gas-balloon equipment on the cars. Why?

1. Direct economy

In the Government suggest motorists to pay transport collecting only at primary registration of the car. And to compensate decrease in receipts in treasury from transport collecting legislators before - lagat due to increase of an excise on fuel which will be increased by 37,9% - from 132 to 182 euros for ton. New tax collecting can bring in the state treasury up to 820 million euros annually.

Result of this decision already on the person - next Uwe - treatment of cost of gasoline. Propane in turn continues to hold the positions at the level of 2:1 that significantly reduces costs of fuel. Carrying out deeper calculations it is possible to draw even more pleasant conclusion: at regular driving the car on gas in 2 - 3 you completely beat off the cost of the car. Isn`t that so pleasantly? Many motorists ask

a question: “How change of gasoline with gas influences car power? There is always a wish “to submerge“. Do not worry, at today`s modern equipment the power of a car remains the same, as on gasoline.

2. Increase in motor potential of the

engine All know that the correct operation of the engine increases its motor potential. As it is known propane on - is much purer than gasoline, respectively propane promotes clarification of a collector. Gas octane number (propane - butane, methane) - 105 - 112, but it burns down more softly that leads to smaller load of engine pistons. Increase in the between-repairs period of operation of the engine by 1,5 times. Increase in service life of engine oil in 1,5 - 2 times. Decrease in noise level of operation of the engine by 3 - 8 dB (at least twice). Increase in service life to a sva - whose ignitions for 40%.

3. The double stock of the course

U you is always an opportunity to choose on what to go. You will never worry that you will not reach before the nearest gas station.

4. Increase of reliability of the fuel system

Quality of Fuel can become a decisive factor when providing service life of the engine and its characteristics. Fuel types with the high content of sulfur cause corrosion, wear and accumulation of a deposit in the engine. Types of fuel of an insufficient volatility or flame-resistant can leave a harmful deposit in the engine and can complicate start or work in adverse conditions. Use of low-grade fuel can demand expensive clearing lubricant oils and their more frequent replacement. Propane - is ecologically pure, respectively prolongs service life of fuel system and the engine.

5. The low CO level in exhaust

gases As it was already told above, gas is ecologically pure both inside, and outside. When using a gas cylinder - the leg of the equipment snizhtsya toxicity of exhaust gases: CO - by 2 - 3 times, N0 - by 1,2 times, CH - by 1,3 - 1,9 times. On streets it is breathed easier! we Will sum up


Gas - an environmentally friendly product which promotes normal operation of the engine, serviceability of fuel system, movement duration, and, of course, direct economy, in - the first, on the cost of gas, in - the second, on regular THAT your car.