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Red cheeks at the baby!

Oh, as are familiar! When parents about an allergy speak:

“… … YOU have red cheeks, candies of a fir-tree or a citrus? there is no

- candy was not eaten. Yes like anything of that kind. Even I do not know on what such reaction.

- be not upset, now all children have an allergy ….“

Here also talked parents, and each other convinced that everything is all right.

BUT from such conversation of a cheek will not change either color or a state. The allergy both was and will remain.

the Allergy is the hypersensibility of an organism to various substances which is shown unusual reactions at contact with them. In other words, the allergy is an intolerance of an organism something.

What is it awful what the organism cannot transfer? To explain the easiest - products and ecology, or not respect for hygiene. But why one children have no rashes, and others just suffer? Let`s look at

on this situation on the other hand - from the child as persons.

From the point of view of medicine, an allergy is an irritation on skin. The nervous system gives such irritation, so, it is in a condition of excitement. Here it is time to ask a question to parents: You are constantly near the child, you notice what leads to excitement of nervous system? And it most often were your actions. I Assume

that some will have a protest, and even the irritation or indignation can. And here I (many parents will ask). Ourselves - that the mime, we are engaged what else it is necessary?

A the child wants to develop as the personality, that is to feel, feel, think, but not

to overcome obstacles which parents arrange.

I Will reveal big secret: YOU parents do not develop the child. Clean soy arrogance, it prevents to come into contact with the child. That there were no disputes, will give an example: about one year the child to seek to sit down, then to stand and go. As you can see development is put by GENES. Does not depend on you: the child will go or not. He all the same will achieve the and sooner or later will be. Parents can influence only walking development speed, that is slow down or accelerate. If to the child to give to

walkers or to carry constantly in a carriage, or to carry on hands, then you parents slow down development at the child.

When parents emotionally call to themselves the child at distance 1 - 2 m and wait for it with a smile, the child takes the first steps and runs to parents with pleasure. Then development at the child accelerates. Now I described a situation about a physical body.

A in life meet also other situations which concern to the identity of the child. Here one of examples: when the child is 3 years old, and parents treat him as to one-year-old. And at once example, “…. Oh, I bought socks to the child for the spring (for growth), and they to him just right, it is necessary to carry … now“.

What to do then to the child? When his own parents create obstacles for development of feelings, feelings, thoughts and images. One of widespread situations in life: buy games in which everything becomes on a sample. And how development of creativity and thought? Has a rest?

For a clear understanding can present such picture:

Started the athlete on the 100th meter distance. Runs and at it all forces are accurately calculated. There is suddenly someone and puts barriers over which it is necessary to jump. It will be required to the athlete of forces one many bigger to reach the finish.

we will transfer everything to the child Now. Mastering itself and world around, the child has a brain and nervous system work like clock-work (accurately and harmoniously everything within norm). But when there are difficulties, and maybe problems, the brain gives command to increase turns and nervous system begins to work several times stronger and more vigorously, passing out of norm limits.

Is asked how tension will be shown? where to put tension? It comes to skin (the biggest body at the person). Here from where mysterious potnitsa, red cheeks, irritations on skin, etc. of

Simply appear watch the children, and they will prompt to you how to arrive in situations and to accelerate development.