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Education (continuation) of

Well - as; Are ready to answer for education of the child? Then went. Answer with

idle time and in too time an artful question: Who or What is the child (parent) for YOU? Toy!!? Care!!? Hobby!!? And maybe, something else? You are surprised with such question? And vital practice of the children`s psychologist shows that the understanding as the parent is very important concerns to the child.

Most of parents “bring“ children for themselves that was about whom to care. But the care is not love! How people take care of flowers? Remember what actions do: flowers fertilizers feed up, water according to the schedule, made on the beliefs, tear off dry leaves etc. all actions are constructed from your point of view and directed to a flower upclassing. All is it seems good! The flower cannot tell it is pleasant to it or not. But child not a flower. Before to take actions in relation to the child, it is important to learn and how the child treats it?

Other part of parents belongs to the child, as to a toy. The relation is determined not by words, and by actions which is done by the parent. Usually you will see before yourself the child dressed as a doll: an elegant dress or a suit which slips eternally or prevents the child to move bows or other accessories of clothes which are simply not necessary to the child. But the most tragic for the child that everything disturbing and unnecessary CAN not be removed according to “main thing“ it has to be, and it is the best of all that the child just stood and smiled to all. And how to the child to learn the world???

Exists also other category of parents who treat the child as to hobby. As the bulb lights up, interest or rather a passion also flashes to find an education technique which “will make“ of it the person and it approaches it or not it is unimportant, the main thing is pleasant to parents.

Of course, the facts here given are very exaggerated, but also such take place to be in our life.

Is also other option. And whether you tried to treat the child as to the future life? Look at

on the child with a “sober“ look and everything that was found there (good and bad) increase it well …. so …. by 10 times also present that you should live in such psychological environment. When everything you transfer to yourself (personality), protection automatically works and all bad (from your point of view) wants to be remade. Stop, the car, you do not hurry to roll up sleeves. It is important to remember that the child is a personality, so, there are feelings, feelings and thoughts - the which can not coincide with yours. Here we concerned deep secrets. Wisdom of education consists in association of feelings, thoughts of the child with your feelings, thoughts for the solution of definite purposes in the favorable ways. Joint work unites, and you will feel results when the child - the teenager approaches you and will tell treasured words “You are the coolest parents. I love you!“. And so I wish to all parents to hear such magic words from the teenager`s lips. Here such real builders of the happy future.