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The Russian government can move to Europe?

the Government moved on the West. In literal sense.

It appears plans of the President Medvedev about moving of government bodies far away from the center of Moscow in its vicinity - it is only the beginning of big changes in government. As editorial office of the Lokh magazine knew from the sources close to the Kremlin kitchen, the President conceived also much more global reforms.

Having reasonably judged that after departure from the center of Moscow of officials Muscovites will sigh more freely, the President decided that after departure of the Government out of borders of the country, Russians will also receive a gulp of fresh air.

Now there are active negotiations with the countries of Eastern and Western Europe on opening of a complex of government buildings there. The interest was expressed so far by Poland, Latvia and Ukraine. The governments of these countries emphasize that they with pleasure will accept those who, close them the gas gate, open it.

The government of Latvia in addition reports that it is ready free of charge and in unlimited number to deliver to officials of the government of Russia Baltic sprats. In case of their moving to Riga or Jurmala.

In the Russian White House there are active discussions concerning the choice of the country of residence now. While most of officials incline to Switzerland with its secret of deposits and Great Britain with its policy of a lack of distribution home all who invest the country in economy.

But whether are ready to accept the Western European countries the mass of the Russian officials who got used to go at home only with flashers?

Yes, are ready, analysts of the Lokh magazine say. Moving of the Government of Russia to any country right there will give a gain of national economy from 2 to 8 percent of GDP a year.

In fact, it will appear such collective Abramovich with multi-billion investments who can sell all low-liquid football clubs, mansions and yachts.

Now the MFA of Russia conducts active negotiations on moving to the country of the Government of some Western European country as an exchange. Editorial office of the Lokh magazine also knew that in negotiation process participates Margaret Thatcher.

Presence of the iron lady in the Russian political sky is assessed by the circles close to the White House positively.

As reported by ôRaiderô.