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Uncontrolled laws.

Russia - our darling and the powerful country! Country of great opportunities and the greatest absurdities. Mind not to understand Russia. Mentality at us the. Bad. And fish, as we know, spoils from the head. Here and at us clever people at the highest levels sit. Think out quite necessary laws, carry out necessary reforms, puzzle, at the nights do not sleep.

Decided Army to reduce, improve quality, to raise wages, instead of the trained and skilled officers with the higher education to put sergeants who and school not all ended that. Speak, the Army will be more professional. Where is more professional than Soviet? All were afraid. And now laugh.

Even more interestingly situation with valorous militia. The structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs remained the same, but... Having seen enough the American fighters our government decided that it is time to enter police on streets of the Russian cities. Now “cops“ run at us, the rights read during detention, lead preventive discussions, select drunk and take them home. Work for the best of the best. They say that there too one professionals remained. It becomes direct terribly for all underworld.

Ouch, what country at us: one professionals. Means and drink we do not awake any more. So far only at night. Now in the Russian cities after ten in the evening you will not buy alcohol. It is trusted? And to me it was first trusted. In Kazan to me wine was not sold though I also was late literally for three minutes. Speak: Law! Law that one, and people different. Arrived to Norilsk. Stood in twelve nights in a queue in shop in department of sale of alcoholic beverages and beer. So the seller released three bottles of vodka only of one company, then following. About beer I in general am silent. Drank it, drink and will drink in unlimited number. A similar situation with sale of alcohol and in other trans-Ural cities. Night life boils. Sell not only to the persons which reached twenty one years but also minors. On streets still still the militia goes. And.... Can therefore the law is not observed. The militia that lives under other laws. On old. Under laws when still everything was possible. And the Great Russian people become an inveterate drunkard. Not to whom to tell that it is impossible. And there is nothing. The answer at us short and simple: “To us on...!“ Moderately the perversity.

Laws thought up and where control of their execution? Why officials do not watch it? There is not enough time? They are busy with washing of budget money playing and winning tenders. Thinking out budget expenses. All think of Russia. About her. Do not feel sorry for themselves. And it was necessary to think a chair more conveniently more conveniently, the house is more comfortable, the car also rest long, somewhere in Cyprus, two times a year is more solid, and it is better three

Here if was at us as in China... For an uneconomical expenditure of budgetary funds the death penalty would rely, streets of our country would stand the accurate and beautiful children`s town, the operating sports ground, park for walk on everyone and a set of trees and flowers, and would envy quality of our roads in the West, speaking about absurd of a saying and being surprised to our great Russian soul.