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Who is such Ashley Greene an actress or model?

of Ashley Michele Green who gained fame as model and the actress, was born in the USA, in the city of Dzheksonvil, State of Florida.

In 17 years she graduated from school and at once moved to Hollywood. Strangely enough, till that time it anybody of guys did not meet. As she liked to joke on this topic, her mother dreamed that Ashley had a fight - the friend, but managers forbade it it.

On August 11 the premiere of the film of “Teen Choice Awards“ after which ubiquitous journalists - paparazzi could photograph Ashley Greene during a kiss in the car with the beginning actor Chace Crawford took place. However young people did not give any comments about it and more them together nobody saw.

Ashley Greene began to comprehend elements of acting skills on courses of the famous actor Li Strasberg. Tried to promote in quality of model, but for successful advance in model business it lacked several centimeters of growth. Acquaintances advised it to pay attention to an advertizing and to be engaged in acting skills. And Ashley understood that this occupation is pleasant to her much more and since then forever said goodbye to a podium.

For the first time Ashley Greene appeared on screens in series “Jordan Investigates“ which was removed during the period from 2001 to 2007, “Setup“ which was in hire from 2003 to 2007, and also took part in shootings of series “Shark“, broadcast from 2006 to 2009.

Ashley took the first steps in full-length cinema, having played a small role in the movie “My Father Loony“ with Michael Douglas in a leading role. This comedy came out in 2007 and was shot by Michael Kakhillom.

In 2008 the melodrama “Twilight“ which is completely based on a mystical plot about vampires came out. This movie won huge audience of admirers and collected about 400 million dollars during hire. In spite of the fact that the supporting role of the member of the family of “good“ vampires of Alice Cullen was assigned to Green in this movie, after his exit to screens it became world-famous along with the main heroes of a picture. Therefore the actress with pleasure acted in the continuation of a sensational tape which came out in 2009 “Twilight. Saga. New moon“.

In November of the same 2009 Ashley Greene agreed to shootings of the new movie which name “The Apparition“ that in translation sounds as “Ghost“ also completely corresponds to a mystical plot of this picture. It is its first work with the actor Tom Felton known on Draco Malfoy`s role in movies about Harry Potter. Shooting began already on February 1, 2010. New work so captured the actress that it even passed a premiere of the film of “Skateland“ where played a major role. The premiere took place in the USA at the Sandens festival which brought together many admirers of modern cinema.

There came May, 2010. With it Ashley Greene received the invitation to act in new part of the saga about vampires “Twilight. Saga. Dawn“. However refused, having explained it with too low fee which to it was offered. She showed willingness to receive four million dollars for the role. The company which is engaged in shootings of a picture found it possible to replace Ashley Greene in this movie, however on May 19 agreed to pay the actress 2 million dollars for shootings of the first of two parts of a tape.

On June 3 same 2010 the AVON company made Ashley Greene the person.