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How to tempt the chief?

Many girls, getting a job, dream of how they will tempt the chief, will marry him and since then will live long and happily. But not at all it turns out. Also it is necessary to sit in stuffy office rooms, looking at how someone another lives long and happily. Offensively. But sufferings can be helped. The main thing - to exercise in the solution of an objective judgment.

So, at first basic: competent choice of the chief. In it quite often the main hitch. Not all chiefs give in on a seducing. And all the matter is that inexperienced girls try to find the free, that is single chief, and on him - that also is tried by the charms.

However it is quite misleading. It is proved that such chiefs though give in to temptresses, but further a little flirtation or intim without obligations (as a last resort - small salary increase) business does not go.

Another matter married heads. Here they - that with much bigger probability can give in not just on a seducing, but come in the relations and are much farther - up to divorce with the current spouse and the conclusions of a legal marriage with the temptress. Here the correct approach is simply necessary.

Many stake on corporate parties. The similar position is clear: the tipsy chief hardly thinking where he and who is he, the charming girl nearby, well how here not to be tempted? One problem - next morning, suffering from a cruel hungover syndrome, the chief very much tries to forget what it did drunk, and especially - with whom. And the temptress, priparkhivy for work with feeling that it was already built in the status of the constant girlfriend, and in the near future will offer also a ringlet on a finger, feels bitter disappointment: a bossy look it is guilty slides aside, instead of “Darling as I am glad you to see! “ inarticulate muttering - generally, clearly is distributed that the ringlet flew by. Moreover, chances of the long-term relations leading to marriage reduced to zero.

No, it is necessary to tempt exclusively sober chief, depriving of him the last excuse - “It was drunk and I remember nothing“. It has to be in exclusively strong memory.

For a start it is worth paying its attention devotion to work to himself. Early arrivals, late ukhoda, are desirable still any achievements on the labor front. Yes, it is heavy, but for the sake of a goal it is possible and to suffer. Besides, the similar mode unostentatiously shows that the temptress - is free, is not burdened not only a family, but also extra family relations.

Then, having assured that it was succeeded to hook on a bossy look, it is necessary to begin to consult. For example: “Ivan Ivanych, whether you will prompt as is better to construct conversation with the client?“. As if there were councils of the chief, it is necessary to listen spellbound faithfully to him and to admire ease with which it resolved a task, excessive for you. Then not to forget to thank for council and to tell that it yielded tremendous result (at the same time not very well whether the temptress followed this advice).

It is necessary to support any bossy undertakings, up to community work days or trips all office on country picnic in rainy day.

After a while it is time to pass to closer contacts. For example, having looked down, to tell the chief that he has on a tie a spot. And right there to suggest to clear it, so far nobody noticed any more.

If the chief decided to reward the devoted and competent employee a joint visit of restaurant, club and so on - it is necessary to go. But at the same time it is obligatory to notice that it is not absolutely convenient, but … it is impossible to resist in any way. And here it is impossible to jump in a bed directly from restaurant. The relations have to develop in a romantic key. Time of a bed will come, but at first it is necessary to break slightly. Let the chief understand he got what innocent treasure. Let it will be sure that the temper - he.

As soon as the chief began to sigh about difficult family life, about the wife who was such lovely girl, but absolutely became enraged for years of marriage, business can be considered made. The chief can be taken almost barehanded. And here - that the main mistake is also made: the temptress relaxes, begins to force events. It cannot be done at all. Let the chief himself (or at unostentatious pushing) will arrive at idea that the current spouse became already outdated, and here the sweetest girl who so faithfully looks in the face, will be that wife of whom it was dreamed after all family squabbles.

Farther it will be necessary to endure divorce of the chief. And to try to keep romantically - the innocent look even at contact with the wife of the chief who - it is very probable - will come tearing along to deal with the destructor of a family. Let her shout and rows. On this background especially pacifying as a hobby the chief the tranquility and an innocent look of the girlfriend looks.

It is necessary to behave to the wedding. The main weapon - innocence, devotion, obvious love.

And here, came true. Ceased Mendelssohn`s march, the wedding dress is rejected aside. Together with it it is possible to reject also all the rest. Both devotion, and love, and peeping in a mouth. Now - that can be stated to this freak everything that is thought of him! And it is absolutely safe. Where it will get to now?!