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What to replace a computer mouse with? Future now!

So far corporations create the future, I will propose rather simple “innovative“ solution helping with work with the computer. Only it is also necessary that to replace the “mouse“ manipulator with a feather of the graphic tablet (like Genius G - 560 or Wacom Bamboo One).

A request not to confuse tablets graphic to devices like iPad. The graphic tablet (pen tablets) is only the data input device in the computer.

I will not frighten by horror stories about a hand tunnel syndrome from work with “mouse“. The feather and the tablet is simple more conveniently in work, and the hand is tired much less and is tired more slowly. Tablets cost not much - you do not need professional model for drawing. It would be possible even to take / at.

Work with windows of an operating system, editing a photo, allocation and copying of the text - all this improves many times. Besides, the feather is equipped with the button - a swing which it is possible to program to carry out functions of the right and left buttons of a mouse. If to get the advanced model, then on the tablet there will be several function keys and a touch ring. All this economy can be adapted for work with an operating system or the program too (a fast call of appendices, switching between windows or folding - expansion of windows).

Change of a mouse with the tablet in my case happened imperceptibly. Editing photos and being engaged in video-tape editing, I noticed once, as I interact with other appendices (which are not connected with graphics) by means of “a feather stroke“. Yes such games as Mashinarium, Angry Birds or Tiny Bang Theory, are simply created for the tablet (“Angry birdies“ are definitely not created for a mouse, having arisen as iPhone application). Week or two you will have a desire to grab a mouse (therefore move away her away from a table!) and then you will begin to move smoothly between graphic, text, web applications with the increased comfort.

By means of “feather“ it is very easy to throw information blocks in such appendices as Power Point (or any its analog), designers of the websites or Illustrator. It is possible to do it and a mouse, certainly, but then expect constant fatigue of a brush (feeling of stiffness in muscles) with the subsequent development of unpleasant diseases (all - frightened!) .

To conduct a feather as in a case with wireless Nintendo joysticks or panels - sticks of “Mezzanin“, it will not turn out - all - the tablet is still attached to a surface, but the first step is the hardest. You know what else reminds management of a feather? If you or your children played the first game about Harry Potter, then there is a task to draw a mouse certain symbols on the screen to activate a spell. Here gradually interaction with the computer and to turn in drawing of certain symbols.

In case you use the Opera browser, then can come further away into the future. Opera for a long time offers management of gestures using a mouse. But we replaced a mouse with the tablet. Whether will work? Will work, but there is one difference. When management of gestures in the browser is included, having pressed and holding the right button of a mouse, you will cause a big black circle in which possible actions will be entered. Simple gesture offers one movement by the manipulator, difficult breaks into several movements.

When using the tablet on which feather you will clamp analog of the right button of a mouse a window it does not appear, but gestures at the same time work. Inconvenience is that it is necessary to remember initial combinations. If to take a feather, and then to shift it in any direction, then the circle with gestures of the second level appears. For owners of the touch screen I report: it is possible too most to do all by a finger!

In Goolgle Chrome gestures are too. Put the Smooth Gestures expansion and try to forget about “hot keys“ and a klikanye by buttons. The appendix has an instruction (an icon “wrench“ - tools - expansions - smooth gestures - settings). There it is possible to look at standard gestures or to think up the.

Specially I do not concern a subject of hand-written input. Windows 7 supports him for all appendices (that is it is possible to take and write really article or the address of the website). But subject this big and separate. Especially as it is necessary to mention also Mas OS with iOS and about Android not to forget.

The “mouse“ manipulator is more than 40 years old. Long ago it is time to send this anachronism to a dump. However, approach to conservative “crutch“ goes on all fronts. Change of desktops with laptops accustoms users to the touchpad, touch screens of tablets (not graphic, namely full) train in interaction with the interface fingers. Gradually wins against naturalness.

What cannot but please!