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What about us will be written by descendants? The composition of the pupil of the 5th class from the far future of

the Composition of the pupil of the 5th class about Putin.

When Putin came to the power, in Russia plundered everywhere and killed. People lived very badly and wanted that someone correctly ordered them. The dark, cold sky was stretched over St. Petersburg. Putin sat in the office and thought of how to it to save the country.

And here to it people from the distant village entered.

- Badly to us, Vladimir Vladimirovich, - they told.

Here when Putin also decided to become a President and to destroy the oligarchs who stole everything that could only be stolen.

Putin brought together friends of the true and asked them:

- Which of you wants to become rich and well-known?

And none of them refused.

And Putin understood that at him everything will turn out. And at once put the most important oligarch in prison distant, cold. That others were frightened and all the money brought to it.

Oligarchs were frightened, handed over all stolen property and ran away into the city of London. That, which near Paris.

And Putin enjoined then that oil to New - the York exchange became on 100 dollars. And that our hockey players of Canadians beat. And that the IOC gave the Olympic Games to us. And that in the Duma did not argue any more and did not swear.

And all at it turned out!

And then Putin`s enemies from - for the ocean all woods set fire. But Putin aboard the plane sat down, and extinguished all fires at once. And on places where water from this plane fell, flowers grew big and beautiful at once.

But before Americans decided all money to take away from Putin and made crisis. It was difficult for Putin, but he sustained and almost did not give anything to Americans. And those nicknamed him an alpha - the leader of pack and began to respect even more, than even in the Caucasus.

And in the Caucasus Putin was at war and won against all. And then gave those against whom won much - a lot of money that those did not take offense. And those also did not take offense at all, and sang songs and danced directly where Putin day and night worked. And it worked as the slave by galleys. And all for the sake of the people. And wetted those who disturbed it in water closets which then were called for some reason toilets.

And still Putin had the best friend Medvedev. And to it Putin even once allowed to try to become a President. But when that asked to give the second time, Putin took offense, and Medvedev did not begin to argue. Because the friendship for it was higher, than posts different.

And all people loved Putin. And who did not love, that easily could go abroad. But some people both did not love Putin, and did not leave. They came to squares and different words, offensive for Putin, shouted. But Putin never answered nothing to them. Because he was wise and did not love when shout under windows and prevent to operate the state.

And still Putin loved animals. Especially whales and tigers. It could pull easily a tiger at moustaches, and to it nothing was because the tiger slept. And he loved children too. And old grandmothers and grandfathers. Because they always for it voted and with it went to church together.

Here Putin was such person. And when he became old and saw that the ships call by his name, streets and even the city of Naberezhnye Chelny became Putingrad, did not even want it.

And I would like to resemble in everything Putin. Especially, when it flew by plane and extinguished the fires and there flowers grew.

Vova Ivanov.

20. 05. 2025.