Rus Articles Journal

Instruction for the foreigners for the first time visiting Russia

it is not necessary with itself to take vodka and cigarettes in baggage. The Russian frontier guards can decide that you not in yourself also will not pass through border.

Do not drink water from at all - under the crane. Go to the next bar better and die there. To die of the Russian vodka - to earn respect for itself at home.

Never you speak to the police officers who stopped you: “to no attract, to a no a cache“. They will definitely not believe you, and will stick further.

If you saw on the police car of a letter of “traffic police“ - it is paid police. In case of a stop them - 100 dollars or euro you can also go further.

If the Russian says that the whole day beat with the advantage fruit trees - it means all - navsy that it did nothing. Russians have many such idioms.

If Russians begin to invite in the club under the name “Bath“ do not agree at all. It approximately, the same that was done by Inquisition with heretics. Only the okunaniye is added to ice-holes driving on snowdrifts.

On the question “How are you“? Russians answer: “Thanks, is bad (or it is very bad)“. It is just necessary to get used to it. These are features of their mentality. Possibly, are afraid to maleficiate fate.

Russians adore receiving everything for nothing. It at them is called a compound word - chaliava. To live on chaliav it is considered at Russians a success sign.

If you concluded the contract for half a year with Russians, know that the first three months they do not work at all, two and a half more months work in half-forces. The contract will be executed in the remained 2 weeks. If you concluded with Russians the contract for a year, then they will not work nine months. Other schedule remains.

Russians like to give and take bribes. They say that if not to smear bread with oil, it will eat very difficult. Now the special courses “As It Is Correct to Take and Give in Russia“ are open. We strongly recommend visit of these courses.

If you got lost in Russia, it is necessary to catch any native and to call the place where you want to get. That will surely wave a hand in the necessary direction and will tell “There“. Then it is necessary to catch two more natives and if they specify the direction too, you can follow safely “There“.

Pluses of Russia: beautiful women, cheap vodka, cigarettes, gasoline.

Minuses: awful roads, madly expensive hotels and restaurants.