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Lurkomorye - the encyclopedia of modern lexicon or concourse of obscene articles?

Probably, having read article heading, many thought that in heading a typographical error, and I will write about the Curved seashore from Pushkin now. It is forced to upset you, friends! Now we will not remember either “A scientific cat“, or “A green oak“. It will be pass - the review popular among the younger generation of Russian the Internet - Lurkomorye`s encyclopedias, or Lurkmore (Lurkmoar) . I think, not all users of the RuNet faced this website therefore I will explain you its mission.

On the main page of the website ru it is written that “Lurkomorye - the Russian-language encyclopedia of folklore and subcultures. Serves as the reference book on concepts and terminology of the Russian cultural life in all its manifestations“. That is Lurkomorye is the website which, unlike Wikipedia, explains values of popular memes, gives comic or satirical descriptions of various objects, events and a personnel, and also displays impartial, but politically incorrect opinions in their occasion. Unfortunately, with use of an offensive language.

“Lurkomorye“ it is so called, of course, on association with a Pushkin Curved seashore, but comes from the expression “Lurkmoar“ consisting of the English words lurk (a slang - “to look for“) and more is (more). Any user of the website Lurkomorye can add article there, but to it is certain of the requirement :

Article should not be serious.

Article should not consist of sad schedules and unclear pseudoscientific words.

Article has to tell the truth. That is, if it is serious, to reflect at least one of the existing points of view.

At first sight, the name “encyclopedia“ for such non-standard information is frivolous. But I hurry to notice that this website, despite the decent number of obscene expressions, can help any of the Internet - users. Where examples? Yes please!

Here you heard in the company of the friends some strange once and unclear, let us assume, “Captain Obvious confirms the phrase or just the word to you with !“ or “This office plankton already so bothered me...“. It is somehow inconvenient to ask again friends, will think that you “backward“. What to do?

On Lurkomorye there is a huge number of articles about different informal expressions. In this plan of Lurkomorye can bring you only benefit in replenishment of your lexicon. And still Lurkomorye can quite call the dictionary of modern lexicon, a slang and slang. And, reading each article, you will be forced to pass from it to others to understand the text therefore be going to get stuck there for a long time.

And now we will consider minuses of this encyclopedia .

In - the first, reading the website of Lurkomorye can have an adverse effect on mentality of the child and even teenager if it incidentally gets on this website. In - the second, Lurkomorye has not the most convenient navigation, but division of articles according to categories, style of their writing and a slang will be unclear to the beginner. In - the third, sideways from the main articles the heap of advertizing, often indecent is placed. In - the fourth, one Lurkmore more than a half of articles (if not all) contain offensive statements.

So, we will sum up the results. As we found out, the only plus of Lurkomorya is that the encyclopedia can fill up your lexicon if you need it. Obviously, than minuses at the Internet - Lurkomorye`s encyclopedia has more, than it is plus though its contents are not so dangerous to adults. The only thing that it would be desirable to advise: children on this website cannot be let at all! From it they get sick with a lurchanka...