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How to change household appliances? Questions and answers of

Many believe that correctly picked up wall-paper, curtains, lamps, furniture, but only not equipment will help to create a magnificent interior. It it is frequent if room space allows, in general try to hide to the distant room that did not spoil a look. However, thanks to today`s technologies the shape of equipment is limited only to a flight of fancy - yours, or the employed designer.

Recently there were so beautiful mobile phones that they are quite often compared to works of art. So why not to make house masterpieces of the refrigerators, washing machines, dryers and microwave ovens?

At first we will look narrowly at what is already issued. Koreans succeed in design of serial household appliances as always. Moreover, they not only care for the functional party of equipment, but also not bad work on appearance.

In particular, the Samsung Electronics company has a series under the name La Fleur - the surface of devices is decorated with a stylish flower ornament. As well other producers periodically let out limited series with interesting appearance of household appliances. Similar devices will perfectly fit into the interior executed in style - the high tech or a retro, however categorically will not suit those who have a kitchen or a bathroom decorated in Baroque style and a country or just at finishing of rooms there are bright colors.

Design design of household appliances will give the chance to the buyer harmoniously it to enter in any interior of kitchen or a bathroom which is thought up by him. At the same time there is no need to spend time for selection of equipment which will approach on color scale, or to buy devices only of the certain producer only because color of his limited series though somehow (most often remotely) reminds option necessary for you (at the same time it is necessary to forget about the main quality of household appliances at all - their functional properties).

In order that the household household appliances always looked “on the place“, there are several decisions at once. And each of them will give the chance not only to forget about restrictions in color scale, but also to receive something original and unique.

the Covering sheets chipboards or MDF

most often resort To similar cunning in kitchen - refrigerators and ovens build in furniture. Using sheets chipboards or MDF of which facades of other furniture in kitchen are made it is possible to disguise household appliances perfectly. However for similar works it is necessary to employ only skilled experts, do not try to make it independently as when embedding devices it is necessary to consider the mass of nuances.

For example how to connect a refrigerator door to the sheet chipboard or MDF that when opening part did not rub the friend about the friend how to disguise wires that they were not visible, but at the same time that the rules of safety what distance has to be between lateral and a back wall of the refrigerator or an oven and the covering panel that heat could leave freely were respected, without overheating equipment.

As sheets for a covering will be required from the same material, as other kitchen, is better to order them together with other furniture at once.

Also It should be noted that it is the best of all to buy refrigerators which do not demand defrosting as such option will save sheets swore from the increased humidity that will prevent their fast swelling. Pluses of this way - the acceptable cost and, at careful leaving, durability. Minus - limitation of color scale and drawings a palette of a chipboard or MDF.

Pasting orakaly

the cheapest way to decorate household appliances. To change the washing machine, the refrigerator, an oven and other equipment it is possible literally for kopeks. At the furniture markets there is a big variety of an orakal - imitation under a tree, color drawings, monophonic opaque and glossy rolls. If did not find at themselves in the city of the necessary coloring, do not despair - there is a weight the Internet - shops which ready to send the range by mail.

Before starting purchase and the choice surely measure all devices and count the necessary area. Get orakat better with a decent stock as find the same color for the second time it can to be difficult (especially if a coloring bright).

When pasting it is better to use cotton rags. Glue, as well as wall-paper - at first smooth the middle, and then from it accurately conduct to edges.

Advantages of this way - the low cost and a wide choice of coloring and design. Minuses - in places of a bend and friction orakat can quickly become useless, it is also easily scratched and it is necessary to have a certain skill to pokleit beautifully, especially on uneven surfaces.

the Polymeric covering

the Similar covering possesses high rates of reliability and durability that will in addition create protection of a surface of household appliances. The color scale of coverings is so extensive that everyone will be able to pick up to itself(himself) a suitable shade, there is also an opportunity to order drawing any drawing.

Experts who are engaged in application of such covering also quite often have several offers and for especially exacting clients who dream to possess something unique and original. For example, materials which imitate a natural tree, leather of a python have a nacreous color. The probability that you will sometime see something similar at someone another is reduced practically to zero.

The covering of special leaving put by means of the last technologies does not demand, besides possesses margin of safety till 10 years. Moreover, the materials used at the same time maintain temperature drops, are not afraid of frosts (to - 40 °C), heats (to 100 °C) and humidity. The polymeric covering does not demand any special leaving - it can be washed with sponges and detergents quietly. The only lack of such covering - not always reasonable price.

Do not limit yourself to color scale of shops of household appliances and be original in the house!