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How to transport pets in the car?

Came summer, and together with it and a summer season. For the weekend in the city you will not leave a pet. It is necessary to take periodically it with itself on the dacha. Pets transfer the road differently. But nevertheless for the majority it is a stress.

How it is necessary to transport correctly a dog or a cat in the car? Those times when the driver Zhigulenka just covered with a seat belt, passing by a post of GAI, passed. Now only lazy is not concerned about safety of driving.

The behavior of a dog during a trip in the car in many respects depends on breed and character of an animal. Usually dogs transfer the road easily, and some even like to go in the car. The owner needs to take only some security measures.

How to transport a dog on a long distance? Surely do regular stops and let`s an animal warm up. At the same time walk her only on a lead. The most predictable and quiet animal can inadequately behave and escape in the unfamiliar place. Take with yourself a little water and food for a dog, but do not overfeed an animal on the way.

Many dogs like to lean out of a window of the car and to watch the landscapes rushing by. It cannot be resolved at all. So the dog can easily chill to herself ears.

How to transport a dog during a heat? Be afraid of a heatstroke. That to receive it, the dog has enough to spend to hot weather in inside of the car only 5 - 10 minutes. Never leave during a heat an animal in the closed car, it can die.

How to transport a small doggie? The benefit of fashionable “pocket“ breeds divorced quite a lot, we will not list. Here too there are features. The small dog sitting at an open window during a stop, even the shortest - at the traffic light, for example, can unexpectedly jump out of the car.

As it is safe to transport a dog in the car?

Little dogs best of all will suit for this purpose carrying. Of course, in this case she should not look out of the window. To big dogs as in Europe, for example, the special vests which are buttoned on a back are necessary. Through a short adjustable lead this vest is fastened to a car seat belt. If you did not bring such vest from Europe, just put on a dog a collar with a lead.

In specialized shops the design with mesh walls, similar to a children`s arena is on sale. It is established on back sitting and is intended for transportation of dogs in the car. There are also covers in the form of a hammock. The best when in a luggage compartment behind a back row of seats the soft grid stretches and turns out a convenient compartment for transportation of any dog. Certainly, it concerns first of all big cars of type of jeeps.

We will tell now how to transport a cat.

Here all can be much more difficult. The matter is that the majority of cats do not transfer the car to spirit. In what to transport a cat on the dacha? By rules it can be done only in carrying. But not all cats agree to be locked up quietly all road. In this case veterinarians advise to close all windows in the car, to put on an animal a breast-band with a lead and to tie it more strong to something. If it does not work well then just take a cat on hands and all road iron it. Do not release an animal at all to walk on salon. The trip can cause in it panic. In search of the secluded place the cat can directly get into legs to the driver.

Generally, many recommend to give before a long journey to a cat soothing. Perhaps, in this case, having appeared in the car, it will just settle to sleep.