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Someone loses, and someone finds... Left the things in a minibus? Forget! Someone loses

, and someone finds?

You often forgot something in a share taxi? With me, is more true with my daughter, such trouble happened for the first time. Coming back from rehearsal of a dancing circle late at night, it left in a taxi the bag with a form and a purse. The sum in it was small - one thousand rubles, but also it on our times needs to be earned still.

To rush on searches was already late - time on hours nearly nine. One calmed: “minibus“ got to the daughter perceptible: yellow curtains, covers on seats in a floret. Next day since morning I moved off in its searches on final a route.

Taxi drivers right there recognized the car of the colleague:

- Same our “dandelion“! But he just on a circle left. It is necessary to wait one or one and a half hours.

While waited, so many stories about the lost things has heard plenty. It turns out, in “minibuses“ what is only not forgotten! Both gloves, and bags, and documents, and purses, and man purses … Our case was included into the list of frequent losses too. However, behind small things, as a rule, do not come back, and here search for valuable things.

Once the driver of one of “minibuses“ found in himself in salon a ladies` bag. Was curious that there, - a women`s jumper. Did not begin to look further and took away it home: perhaps the hostess will be. But about the find shared with colleagues. Next day the elderly woman addressed its relief:

- You know, and I in some of your “minibuses“ left yesterday the bag.

- I Know about your loss, - she heard in reply. - Now I will call the colleague.

When the bag removed to master`s hands, both rejoiced: both driver, and the victim. Being confused, she put to the waving-away driver 100 rubles and muttered: “There a thing, very valuable to me, - a medal“.

And somehow upon termination of work one of drivers found 2,5 kg of pork tenderloin in the salon. It right there presented: someone tried, carried for guests, maybe, on some family celebration, and here such trouble. Behind meat so nobody returned, and ahead there were two days off. The driver had to use it to destination.

Sometimes the forgotten things for months ride in a minibus waiting for the forgetful owners. But when it bothers the driver, he hangs out them on a tree or a fence on final - a pier, not to wear to me, really, ladies` gloves or a school uniform.

For years of the work someone pieces returned eight mobile phones, someone a two-three of purses and man purses … As “minibus taxi drivers“ admitted, to do it simply when things forget in a cabin of the driver or in empty “minibus“. But, happens, it is necessary to redden before owners for dishonourable passengers. The purse forgotten in salon to the driver was transferred, and in it only ten a trifle. How to prove that money was taken not by it?

- Passengers pull everything that badly lies, - shared with me.

Yes what far to go! One incredible thing - to that confirmation. Somehow, having decided to play a trick on the colleague, “minibus taxi drivers“ threw the packed box with garbage in his salon. At the end of change ask:

- Well, how to you our present?

A that - not at all. Passengers stole!

Behind stories I waited about an hour. And when before arrival of treasured “minibus“ there were only a few minutes, the call of my mobile was distributed: “Mother, you soon? Small cries! I can make nothing with it“. Children were at home one. Nothing remained to me how right there to break and jerk home. Running away, I left to drivers all the coordinates:

- We will surely look for your loss. And if passengers did not take away, we will return, - encouraged me.

There passed day, then another, but so nobody called me.

You often found something in public transport? And what was done then with the find?