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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 2 - 3? “Transformers 3“, etc.

the Last portion of film novelties of June, 2011 will please fans of a fantasy, comedies and horror films. Any limited hire, all movies will be available to the widest audience, but only one debutant can count on free depriving of money at the population. Naturally, the speech about the third part of the franchize “Transformers“ which received in the Russian film distribution the Dark Side of the Moon prefix which in which - that eyelids will be coordinated with the original name of a tape.

Among novelties two comedies - American “Monte - Carlo“ and Russian “Jam from an Oriental cherry“. And also two horrors, both productions of the American film industry. The first, household horror film about pregnant women, under the name “Fertile soil“, the second - the mystical thriller about ghosts “The ghost for sale“. On snack - the Russian mix of the drama and a fantasy under the name “Target“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Transformers 3: Dark side of the Moon“ (Transformers: Dark of the Moon)

After critics and to them sympathizers literally broke off the sequel of 2009, having solemnly handed it “Gold raspberry“ for the worst movie (and also the worst director and the worst scenario), Michael Bae, the creator and the inspirer of the franchize, solemnly swore to consider all mistakes in the third, final part of film series.

For a start Bae publicly booted off the beauty Meagen Fox who had imprudence from a picture to connect failure of a tape with work of the director and producer. Its place was taken by the anonymous Victoria`s Secret model to which did not even pledge words in numerous trailers to a tape. That, certainly, only on advantage of the marketing company of the movie.

Besides personnel shifts, Bae also seriously strengthened a cast the real drama stars, like a muse of brothers Koenov Frances McDormand, John Malkovich and “agent Smith“ of Hugo Weaving. He promised the audience that the new scenario will be much produmanny, with elements of science fiction and even the drama! By itself, at the minimum loss in staginess and scenes of action thanks to which the sequel despised by severe minority earned more than 800 million dollars in world hire.

In fact, neither in the picture, nor in the main genre of the movie no special innovations are expected. A globality maximum (if to rescue, then the planet entirely), a fair share of pathos, a heap of metal and poorly traced human destinies. Bae who some time disowned from the 3D format all - did not resist temptation to break more green at the expense of three-dimensional sessions. - the picture in relation to third “Transformers“ personally I do not see sense in 3D, but here everyone solves for himself.

2. “Monte - Carlo“ (Monte Carlo, 2011)

It is rumored that initially leading roles in this tape intended for Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman, but then producers, having estimated the financial opportunities, crawfished and decided to make “Monte Carlo“ the youth comedy. Clear business that with a tandem from two stars of world cinema, the movie would turn out absolutely another, and so before us very typical teenage “lavas - stor“ in the European interiors, exotic for Americans.

Three enthusiastic little girls come to Paris where their fragile maiden dreams roughly break against unapproachable rocks of reality. Rest was not set from the very beginning, however the situation is arranged when one of mademoiselles is unexpectedly taken for the high-ranking person. Of course, it is bad to use foreign glory and wealth, on the one hand, but girls - beings windy, and such chance to miss simply not can. Eventually, they need to brag of something on arrival home.

3. “Fertile soil“ (Fertile Ground, 2010)

the Screenwriter and the producer Adam Girash who since the end of the ninetieth is actively working in a genre of thrillers and horror films in 2008 decided to train for a new profession in directors. Two low-standard horror films, “Opening“ (2008) and “Night of demons“ (2009) are registered for it. And here on the way the third opus this time operating a popular subject of the damned house.

“Fertile soil“ will tell a story of the cowed woman who is desperately not lucky with posterity. After an abortion the married couple moves to the province, the wife becomes pregnant again, however their house appears the most improper place for the child`s birth. From archival materials it becomes clear that here it was necessary to all future mummies hardly, up to the most dreadful details. History tends to repeat, the woman grabs a kitchen knife, trying to beat off ghosts and strange behaving husband.

A standard set a pugalok and focuses, at total absence of any innovative ideas. This plot more than once emerged in cinema, including in the cult tapes “Amitivill`s Horror“ or “Shine“ of Stanley Kubrick. Girash`s hand-made article has very vague relation therefore I cannot purely recommend this movie for viewing from ethical motives to the aforesaid classical tapes.

4. “Jam from an Oriental cherry“

If is honest

, I practically know nothing of this movie therefore we will operate only with the public facts. The director is the actress Yulia Aug for whom this work is a debut. In a cast there are a lot of known names, including Krasilov, Aronova, Gorevy, Alexey Panin, Semchev, Tolkalina. However, even existence nominal a body - and movie stars is not the sufficient basis for viewing of the movie. The most interesting clears up in the person of the screenwriter of the project which Igor Sharov, the toiler of television working on such “masterpieces“ as “Doomed to become a star“ and “Ranetki“ is.

Honestly to admit, the next office comedy with so doubtful base in respect of the scenario and direction of special desire to visit movie theater does not cause. Personally I will prefer to wait for the first responses, than to buy a pig in a poke.

5. “The ghost for sale“ (Kill Katie Malone, 2010)

the Student, for the sake of a hokhma, buys on the Internet a rare casket with the ghost which, allegedly, grants all desires of the owner. The sum is modest, so why not to try? Nobody, however, warned the young man that desires can be the scantiest, and payment for them - terrible and bloody. It is not possible to get rid of purchase in the habitual ways therefore it is necessary to enter unequal fight against the other world.

Recently cheap American horror films became the frequent guest on the Russian screens. What this tendency is caused by, it is not absolutely clear because in the homeland production of such level passes official hire, leaving on digital carriers at once. I will dare to assume that it is connected, first of all, with emergence in the market of new players (film distributors) who should eat something too.

The last debutant of this week is the Russian fantastic drama “Target“ which was pushed in a rolling grid literally for couple of days till premier Thursday. Over the scenario of a picture Vladimir Sorokin, the author of unforgettable “Kopek“ worked, and the tape will tell about the near future of our country (2020) which if it is honest, strongly looks like the present.

It is unconditional that in an environment of frankly weak competitors, third “Transformers“ will sweep away literally cash desk. Michael Bae`s picture has exactly two weeks on ensuring quite good collecting in the Russian hire then duties of the leader in the right will pass to the last film of Potteriana.