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It is necessary to have a rest. And how?

“Confused rest tire worse than work“ - the Russian saying so says. It is necessary to have a rest, and all know about it. Whether but all know what is the correct rest, that which will bring us and our organism advantage.

Scientists proved that during the working day it is necessary to have a rest each hour a minimum of minutes 10 and, whenever possible, after a lunch to find 1 hour for rest. The person works with such mode of working hours much more productively.

Nothing so will restore force as a good dream. This that time when our organism completely relaxes. And do not eat for the night at all and do not abuse alcohol. Walk before going to bed and a warm shower will help to fall asleep quietly and strong.

Do not refuse the days off at all. You know that you will not earn all money. At a constant lack of time and an intense rhythm of our life rest on the weekend has to be obligatory. Well this day to stay with a family. And darling can dare to relax - to look through the book, it is simple to take a walk to extend in the fresh air, eventually, legs on a sofa and to dream of the most pleasant. Not for nothing, for example, in the Indian astrology Saturday is a day of Saturn, rest time, and Buddhists consider that rest on Saturday prolongs life.

“The person is so created that he has a rest from one work, having only undertaken another“, - A. Frans so speaks. So if you all day and the whole week work at office, sitting in front of the computer, your rest has to be active. And if you during the day, like a squirrel in a cage - it is necessary to prefer quiet rest.

25 - 45 days in a year of people it is simply obliged to have a rest. To distract from routine of everyday life, it is better to have a rest far away from the place of full-time residence. It is very important to have a rest outdoors - new emotions will help to relax both a body, and soul. Here already everyone chooses for himself, but remember that in new climatic conditions it is necessary for an organism for adaptation from 4 days to one week. Ancient wise men spoke: be not where you are not loved - it is necessary to have a rest with the good company. The benevolent atmosphere and positive emotions are of great importance.

If to speak about rest, it is necessary to consider one more important point. There are people who established for themselves rules of food, such as diets, the mode, and for the period of holiday decided to recede from it. Terrible, of course, for such period nothing happens, but heavy food moreover with alcohol can nullify all holiday. Besides you should not sleep till 11 in the afternoon (as we speak, on holiday to sleep off), it will not add health, there are internal clocks which observance will give us a full-fledged dream and consequently, and rest.

As far as possible during rest try to spend more days about water. Water possesses the strong calming action. Besides, if the speech came about water and rest dropped out for the summer period, do not forget to increase amount of the drunk water. Also you remember the rule: black tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks liquid are not, and on the contrary, lead to dehydration. Always after the drunk cup of coffee it is necessary to drink a glass of water.

Preferring to have a rest in tropical countries, under the heated sun it is necessary to remember that the heated air takes away energy from an organism. So you should not be fried the whole day on the sun. The hours best for this purpose to 11 - 30 morning and after 16 - 00 evening.

B. Franklin told: “The one who can have a rest surpasses the one who can take the cities“. So - rest to you saturated, full, healthy and memorable.