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How to grow up a saintpaulia from a sheet shank?

Modern grades of saintpaulias have a set of various coloring, the large size of a flower and plentiful “shapochny“ blossoming. It is quite clear to decorate desire of flower growers the window sills with these remarkable plants. It is possible to buy already blossoming adult saintpaulia in flowers shop or to grow up it independently.

Before starting discussion of methods of reproduction of a saintpaulia in house conditions, it is necessary to get acquainted with some biological features.

The saintpaulia is an evergreen grassy perennial plant, the term of her life averages about 5 years. In room floriculture the saintpaulia is known also under the name “African violet“.

Breeds sheet shanks and affiliated sockets. The reproduction option seeds is also possible, this labor-intensive process is used generally by selectors.

The most widespread way of reproduction of African violets - a sheet shank.

The sheet shank is the landing material disconnected from a maternal plant, consisting of a sheet plate and a scape.

A sheet plate - the green part of a plant trimmed soft fibers.

The scape (it is a stalk) connects a sheet plate to radical part of the socket.

The term of rooting of a plant at reproduction by sheet shanks makes about three weeks, after this time on a stalk roots are formed at first, and then “children“ - young plants begin to grow.

The healthy created leaf is necessary for reproduction. It is better to choose leaves from an average number of the socket , they are more viable, than leaves of the lower row.

In fabrics of plants substances - metabolites collect over time that can become the reason of mutations of change of coloring at bichromatic grades of saintpaulias. At leaves from the lower row the probability of mutations is higher.

So, it is time to start rooting of a sheet shank of a saintpaulia.

In advance define the place where you will grow up children of violets. The special rack or the flower shelf have to be lit well, but not be affected by direct sunshine. Light has to be scattered, and air temperature about 20 - 24 degrees. In heat process of rooting and growth of children happens more intensively.

Disconnect a sheet shank from a maternal plant as it is possible closer to a trunk to avoid rotting of the part of a stalk which remained on a trunk. Then truncate a stalk, having made a slanting cut on its front part a fine edge at an angle of about 45 degrees. Pay attention, length of the rest of a stalk has to be about 3 centimeters . Such length will allow you to avoid breaks and rotting when rooting.

If your sheet shank does not belong to tiny grades, that is sense to implant it in a glass with water. It is the easiest and reliable way of rooting of saintpaulias. It is very convenient to use transparent plastic glasses.

It will be better if water is warm, distilled or otstoyanny from chlorine. The sheet plate should not adjoin to a water surface, in order to avoid rotting. In process of evaporation, add water to a glass.

Stock up with patience and wait. In 3 weeks there will be backs and it will be possible to plant a plant in soil.

Among flower growers there are different opinions on soil for saintpaulias.

One prefer ready soils from shop, others independently prepare for soil from mix: 3 / 4 reasonable Mocha - a sphagnum and 1/4 store soil. Often recommendations previously to steam soil in a microwave or an oven, in order to avoid nematodny infection of plants meet.

It is convenient to land the implanted shanks in 100 - gram plastic glasses. Depth of landing of a shank has to be about 1 centimeter, with a leaf support on edge of landing capacity.

Accurately water the landed shanks. It is desirable to place glasses with saintpaulias in pass - a small greenery (they are sold in flower shops, but it is possible to use instead of them plastic packings from - under cakes or other capacities with transparent walls).

Remember that the future of a plant depends on temperature and the correct lighting. Lighting still has to be scattered, temperature about 24 - 28 degrees. Good results are brought by cultivation of children under lighting by a luminescent lamp.

When there will be children, do not hurry to otsazhivat them, wait for 2 - 3 couples of leaflets.

The created and strong children of violets carefully disconnect from a shank, try to keep their roots. Then land each child in the small plastic glass filled with soil. When jumping do not bury growth point, it has to be higher than the level of soil. Then place a glass in pass - a small greenery.

Water the grown-up plants on edge of a glass or in the pallet (if you use wick watering). The saintpaulia does not love direct watering. Approximately in a year young sockets are replaced in glasses of the bigger size.

There now and all... Good luck to you in cultivation of saintpaulias!