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Why information on sexual practice of Ancient China is useful to Russians? There are no

“In China of sex!“ …

“Really?“ - many will delicately grin (that - that, and Chinese are able to breed very much even well) and involuntarily will begin to ponder over the approximate number of Chinese for the current date as confirmation of presence at them of the most real that on is, sex. A plus-minus one hundred millions - not a hindrance in calculations.

But in China really there is no sex in that boring and prosy option in what we, Russians, daily practise. As there is no koitus also banal (and for some and grown hateful), certain matrimonial “duties“ … There is no sanctimonious attitude towards sexual needs for this or that nonconventional form, there is no fornication. In any case, in Ancient China was definitely not.

Having carefully prepared, the Chinese intended in the spirit of expression filosofsko in those days - religious perception of the world to win a victory in Flower Fight by means of the Turtle Head dressed in a Helmet of Eternal Desire... The man`s Stalk tirelessly polished the Pearl on the Jade Step … Quietly, now I will explain everything.

Short Chinese is the Russian dictionary

Jade (or Man`s) the Stalk, Man`s Peak, the Turtle Head - a male genital;

the Jade Pavilion, Jade Gate - a female genital;

the Pearl at the Jade Step, the Precious Terrace - a clitoris;

the Examination Hall - a vagina;

the Meeting of Clouds or Fog and the Rain, Delights of the Bed, Gore At, Flower Fight - sexual intercourse;

a Helmet of Eternal Desire, the Sulfuric Ring of Desire - a condom;

Playing the Flute - masturbation.

In my opinion, it is very useful to know for Russians that in Ancient China the union of the man and woman was assimilated to connection of Earth and the Sky. Chinese believed that all real under Heaven wonderfully, and is the most wonderful - the Person.

The person, in their opinion, differs from all and all in the unique nature of the sexual inclination and the place which it takes in harmony of yin and yang and consequently, the Sky and Earth.

In the ancient time Chinese argued so: if the person follows laws of the Nature and understands them, then it will remain infinitely long a source of the Vital Substratum and to prolong the life. Will know satisfaction for the rest of the natural.

If (they warned), the person despises laws of the Nature and neglects Truth, his Vital Substratum will be exhausted long before the end of its days and life of such person will be short and sad.

Information that Chinese did not condemn either homosexuality, or a transvestizm, or “playing a flute“ in those days is still useful. They had no anything against sadomasochism, polygamy and a scopophilia. It was understood (for them) that if partners agreed to satisfy the sexual requirements very much in the nonconventional way, then it was it is all the same regarded only as their personal record.

Neither the state, nor society together with religious persons interfered with intimate life at all and considered sex as difference from norm and especially as a crime. The only thing in what ancient Chinese were “solidary“ with the Western world, so is a question of trimming. None of Lao`s compatriots - Zi and Confucius, being in senses, would not allow to lose extreme flesh (eunuchs - a special case).

Of course, the sexual union of the emperor and his spouse was the highest manifestation of Harmony in the Universe. And whoever sat on a throne, whatever doctrine - Confucius or Lao - Zi, Buddha - professed, sexual life of the emperor in the opinion of millions of citizens played a paramount role. In those days was considered that the Son Neba possesses a superhuman stock of energy of Qi - vital force.

The power component of sex left a certain mark on minds of residents of Celestial Empire: for sex prepared, as for war - thoroughly and seriously. For example, if advances, kisses and embraces did not come to an end with the Meeting of Fog and the Rain, then the irreparable insult thereby was caused (!) to powers of yin and yang. Not therefore whether there is a lot of Chinese?

There are a lot of Chinese or a little - not to us to solve. Russia has the problem - declare from the highest stands - the general reduction of population, decrease in its density to level is three times less than average world creates danger of weakening of political, economic and military influence of Russia in the world. The problem of saving of the people is a question of sovereignty of the country which main carrier, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, are the people.

Such here sharpness of a demographic problem: the less people - the less sovereignty.