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Who such serial maniac - the murderer?

Traditionally we represent the serial maniac - the murderer the certain madman in a mask who is terribly swinging the roaring chiansaw, but meanwhile it not so. In real life it differs in nothing from other people. Externally. But not internally.

In fact is mentally sick, unfortunate and the person of no character who worried in the life is a lot of misfortunes which did not learn to react adequately to them and which revenges the whole world for the endured sufferings now. The serial murderer worries concerning the helplessness, inferiority, but absolutely not necessarily realizes it. Could act as offenders both peers, and own relatives. Such child grew in a situation of emotional rejection in a family, social isolation.

Alcoholics or addicts often occur among parents of murderers, and at maniacs of dependence are not observed. In the childhood of a seriynik humiliated, but at the same time he could not give worthy repulse. It suppressed the natural reaction to the events - aggression, thereby aggravating the state. Venting it in the present, on the victims, he as if revenges offenders, but all the same has no due satisfaction - the present victim only the offender`s symbol. Over time it is necessary to vent the quashed feelings on someone else.

As a rule, it is the man, approximately of 30 years (women meet seldom), the skillful manipulator, charming, not necessarily possessing some external physical defects at all. It we will gain megalomania, considers himself as the superperson, “urged to clear race of garbage“. On the nature it is the single, the introvert. It is also possible to mark out superficiality of emotions, falsity, dishonourableness, deficiency of sense of guilt, conscience, responsibility for the acts. It is impulsive, does not control the behavior, thrills for maintenance of a comfortable state constantly are required for it.

You can notice that, unfortunately, many grew in an adverse situation or possess similar characteristics, but nevertheless did not follow so awful way of revenge. This is true. There is an opinion that formation of the identity of the serial murderer requires also abnormal development of a brain and some injuring case of bloody, aggressive character which so impressed it that he tries to reproduce it every time.

Crimes are, as a rule, committed for receiving specific pleasure or for feeling of own power over the person. The purpose of the first - pleasure sufferings of the victim, its torture, groans, entreaties strengthen pleasure from a crime. The purpose of the second - absolute submission to itself the victims, causing sufferings acts as means of achievement here. In reality, as a rule, these two motives intertwine.

There is an opinion that if the criminal attacks the woman, he tries to solve at the unconscious level the not so much sexual, how many the psychological problems connected, besides, with women. Attacking children or teenagers, he revenges for the injuries caused to it in the far childhood.

It is interesting that men maniacs - murderers never choose the victims from the acquaintances, they desperately are afraid of emotional proximity with them. Women, on the contrary, choose from a close circle.

It is characteristic that most of murderers - men, probably, from - for the physiological features. Women meet extremely seldom, they become on the criminal way to power of the developed circumstances, but nevertheless, as well as men, will not respond to treatment or re-education.

Unfortunately, the medicine did not find medicine for such dreadful disease so far, though predisposition diagnostics is possible. The only way to secure itself is a vigilance today. Be careful with the lovely strangers asking to see them to a door - we cannot know what waits for us behind this door.