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How to marry a goat?

the Husband - a goat? Dream of many: inspiring, dementing an illegibility of prospects and adventures forever. It does not come: searches can borrow from a moment to all life. The network breaks through horns, is fast on escape, is capable to butt and zableyat. How to catch this individual?

Cavicorn it is easy for i to find

on a watering place!

the Habitat. Having warmed to beer, he hides waiting for a female.

The recipe of seduction is simple: a charm maximum - a care minimum. The Viktimny behavior attracts an animal. The bright, hiding nothing clothes, easy intoxication - and your partner. The risk to run into other hunters is high, but the victory stands up the pulled-out hair and the broken nails for possession of dream. In the opinion of a male the winner will always be in the advantageous family way.

to Make an ambush

True goats are learned in business. Safely go to saunas, billiard rooms, a striptease - clubs: there is a chance to snatch happiness. An identification mark - the wedding ring which is sticking out from a hip-pocket of trousers. To provide itself with the choice, it is better to settle in one of these institutions: vigilance of a goat and competitors does not extend to personnel. The transparent hint on a discount the acquaintance will allow to contact and become the close friend to future husband quickly.

to Leave through parents

Presence of the husband - a goat at that which suits for mothers - an excellent occasion to specify whether they is not present in the son`s family. Centuries-old experience shows that the chance to meet the child identical to the parent, with each generation grows in a geometrical progression. The shop, a pack of cigarettes and attention in the shortest possible time will bring closer to desired.

to be posted online

of the Name of the websites very famous for the whole world. The perfect collection of all types and colors which is not demanding special efforts. Only real meetings will allow to return pleasure and an extreme to life. For saving of time it is better to make house appointment: in native walls true desires cannot be hidden. Useful before a meeting to stock up with the friend - the police officer who will be able to come tearing along on the first signal. to Smoke

Staircases store real miracles in an entrance: from modest mother`s kids to venerable whose look is stirred up, and hands give blue. For drawing attention it is enough to squat and declare that it, the brother, it is easy to understand. Pivasik, a cigarette, or perhaps and that will more appetizingly play a role of the fakir`s pipe.

If the suitable copy is found, then there is a maneuver on its production and domestication. As the checked ways are the trap and holes, it is necessary to create a desperate situation: not to allow to leave hard drinking, to prevent to get a job, not to allow to relax and to competently dose complaints and scandals. Useful will be to connect to education of close and distant relatives, to become mother having many children, to move to a communal flat.

Mercy should not be, otherwise the husband - a goat can turn into the person. What is fraught with an intolerable consequence: it will be required to abandon the familiar role of the tortured victim and to take responsibility for own life.

If it occurred, then divorce and return to a search point is inevitable: on a watering place, a staircase, a bench or in billiards club.