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How to keep elasticity of face skin?

face skin begin to grow old over time. Only at someone this process begins earlier, at someone later. What factors cause presenilation of face skin? This smoking, stress, aggressive influence of environment. Whether it is possible to avoid aging of skin? No, but to slow down this process in your forces. As to make it, you learn from this article.

of Exercise for elasticity of face skin

For a forehead . Raise eyebrows up, at the same time widely open eyes. Put fingers of hands on a forehead, pull forehead skin down. Weaken face muscles. Repeat 15 times.

Raise eyebrows up, at this moment hold eyebrows with fingers to create resistance. Repeat 10 times.

Frown so that on a forehead wrinkles were formed. At this moment by means of palms obstruct this traffic.

For lips . Smile broadly, without opening a mouth, it is not less than 10 times. Extend lips forward, as during a kiss. Record such position of lips for several seconds. Repeat not less than 10 times.

Raise an upper lip that at the same time were bared a gum. Repeat exercise of 20 times.

Press corners of lips fingers, extend and relax lips. Repeat exercise of 15 times.

For eyes . Weaken face muscles, look at first up, then down, to the right and to the left. Repeat exercise of 15 times. Then strong narrow eyes and again relax muscles.

That eyes looked is fresh, take an eyebrow index and a thumb, press on it. Walk on all eyebrow.

If you are tormented by “bags“ under eyes, daily index and average a finger mass area at a lower eyelid.

For a neck . Sit down directly, overturn the head back. Begin to do the chewing movements. You will feel how muscles of a neck strained. Relax. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

Put palms on shoulders. Hands “pull“ shoulders down, and extend the head up. Be late in such provision of 10 seconds. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

Incline the head to the left, take away a jaw to the left side. Repeat exercise, only now incline the head to the right side.

Food for elasticity of face skin

In a body of the baby is available very big percent of water. Over time the percent of content of water in an organism decreases. In other words, the person just “dries“. It cannot but be reflected in his skin.

Therefore the first rule which each woman has to observe, drink a lot of water. In day you have to drink not less than one liter of water, depending on weight and a state of health of the person. Products which you daily eat have to consist for 50% of water. At your diet surely there have to be vegetables and fruit. Cigarettes, alcohol, aerated water, fast - foot... All this does essential harm to your health and a condition of face skin. Refuse these products, and process of aging of skin will be slowed down.

Try to be angry less, wrinkles of “anger“ the ugliest. Smile more and love life! Of course, from a stress not to get to anywhere, but you can change the attitude towards him. If something is not got on at work or in a family, do not worry. Try to find the reasons of the failures. If you cannot change a situation, reconcile. All your experiences are reflected in your face.

Laugh and smile more, and you will be young always! Let not a body, but soul precisely.