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Where to go also what to look in Feodosiya at?

the Main dignity of Feodosiya nevertheless not in low cost of rest there. Let`s tell, on the Russian Azov coast we had a rest still byudzhetny. But Feodosiya is absolutely special spirit of the city numbering 2,5 thousand years. Let`s ponder: twenty five centuries. At least five times the city changed the name, having passed a way from the Greek colony to the Soviet resort. And each stage brought the contribution in its shape, giving to Feodosiya a unique originality. So, let`s look at history of Feodosiya and at the same time we will answer a question: what can the person who for the first time arrived to this corner of East Crimea see?

Unusually already position of Feodosiya: on a joint of mountains, steppes and the seas. The city is located in flat part, on Hugo - the West from it (in the direction pgt Ordzhonikidze and Koktebel) - mountains, on the North and the East (in the direction of Kerch) - the steppe. What does it give to the tourist? At least an opportunity to choose the beach to the taste.

Severo - to the east of the city lasts the line of Gold beaches, quite untwisted vacation spot with a number of boarding houses where city buses go. From personal experience I will tell that to have a rest there business difficult. The combination to the opened sun and hot wind of space and a set of huge boulders in the superficial sea gives to this place the specifics. Generally, on the fan. On the other hand, the settlement of city type of Ordzhonikidze took refuge in 14 kilometers from Feodosiya among mountains. It is possible to reach it from bus station near the central market. Why to reach? For the sake of the same bathing!

Ordzhonikidze will please you with a set of small and small bays with huge boulders and transparent water. If you manage to reach because the bus will take you to the settlement, and it is necessary to go further. On foot, through the mountain. But the sea will reward active purity, a narrow strip of the pebble beaches stretched under rocks, and untamed sea living creatures. By the way (in the presence of a mask) you will see living creatures also on city beaches of Feodosiya. But to dive into Ordzhonikidze, in my opinion, much more interestingly and more spectacularly.

The main not made by hand sight of the Feodosiysky region (yes perhaps, and all East Crimea) - an ancient volcano Kara - Dag, the unique natural reserve. On Kara - Dag walking tours will be organized (it is possible to receive particulars and to buy excursion throughout the embankment where the set of points selling excursions works). It is possible to see Kara - Dag and from the sea: from Feodosiya and Koktebel walking boats go there. Usually walk on the boat includes also survey located at the bottom Kara - Dag of the well-known rocky arch Golden Gate.

Choosing excursion, consider: the big walking ship going directly from port only passes near it. And here the small boats departing from piers at the beginning of the embankment pass directly under an arch. But also swings (at nervousness) on the small boat is much more notable. Bathing from the boat at Kara - Dag will be a pleasant bonus. There is quite strong current therefore in advance dump a lifebuoy on a long cable on which it is possible to reach without problems back aboard from the boat. Though we easily reached and so.

If the speech came about sea walks, there are some more permanent offers.

the Trip to the settlement of Koktebel

Consists of walk on the boat there and back and hour of free time in Koktebel. What can be done in Koktebel? In - the first to bathe. And in - the second (and I recommend it) to visit the unique house of Voloshin. If sea walk is impossible for you (for example, because of seasickness), it is possible to reach Koktebel by the regular bus. It also is much cheaper.

the Night disco by the ship


we on this action were not, but the offer constant. Probably, there is also a demand.

Diving at the coast

Usually go by the boat to bays in Ordzhonikidze`s vicinities where the stony bottom and is what to look at. We had the most positive impressions.

Besides sea, there is a set of bus excursions across all Crimea . Here both caves, and the tremendous rocky cities (consisting of the dwellings which are cut down directly in a stone - an impressive show!) and trips on the Southern coast of the Crimea...

We were at unique excursion to the bed of the enormous ancient river (near Bakhchisarai), to neolytic rock paintings and a source with holy water, the way to which went on a rocky peak. However, there is all this magnificence in the central, mountain part of the Crimea so prepare for a trip for all day.

I will tell at once that it is possible to reach the majority of places independently, by ordinary regular buses. If to any sight (for example, to caves) let only with excursion, it is worth waiting a little. Usually within half an hour the new group which you can join gathers or approaches. Minus: it is necessary to care for himself, to consider a departure time of the last bus and in advance to think of tickets. Plus: you to yourself owners, make a route and have time at discretion. Well and the trip will cost cheaper, sometimes significantly.

What to look in Feodosiya at?

First of all, the city! We prefer to go sightseeing independently, previously having studied their list on the Internet, but persons interested can take part in daily pedestrian excursions by historical part of the city. Unfortunately, from antiquity there was only a name here.

But in feodosiysky Museum of local lore the quite good expositions devoted to the entire periods of existence of Feodosiya. And it in spite of the fact that at the time of archaeological researches all best exhibits were taken out to the central museums of the country. The museum in historic center, near the embankment is located. Here - Ayvazovsky and Green`s fine museums . At the very beginning of Fedko Street (the second line) the small museum of Vera Mukhina is located . There are in the city museums of Money and Hand gliding , but I have no personal impressions of them.

One of the main sights of Feodosiya - of course, of a wreck of the Genoa fortress of the 14th century . One of serf towers (Konstantin`s tower represented on a municipal coat of arms) is located in a walking couple of minutes from the railway station. The main part of fortress is on the Quarantine hill (the southern part of the city, bus No. 1 from the central bus station to city hospital) where fragments of walls and several towers remained, on Lenin St. the Genoa bridge of 14 century

In the same place, on Quarantine remained, are four Armenian the temple of the 14th century . One of them - John the Forerunner`s temple, nowadays the Iverian Theotokos - acting. Nearby a monument to Afanasy Nikitin, according to the legend which in this temple served thanksgiving on return from India. It is possible to see internal planning and furniture of the temple. In St Stephen`s temple the remains of frescos attributed to Feofan Grek remained. Unfortunately, the temple is closed. It is possible to get inside if carries to meet any of attendants or workers.

Near the temple it is possible to see a small rectangular construction - the fountain 15 of a century . The place in recent years very much got prettier, was decorated with flowers and greens. Here it is pleasant to reflect on a shop in a shadow, having a rest from heat and admiring ancient walls and a view of the close sea. Directly in the city are located the tent temple of Saint Georgy on Nakhimov St., the St. church. Archangels Mikhail and Gabriel (Armyanskaya St., nearby the Armenian fountain 16 of a century), the operating temple Surb - Sarkis on Armyanskaya St. In the territory of Surb - Sarkis is Ayvazovsky`s grave.

Nearby, on Lenin St., the mosque 17 of a century is located . Actually, walking by the central part of the city, and it is very picturesque and attractive in itself, you continually will be to come across ancient churches and other beautiful and interesting constructions.

The quarantine hill is remarkable not only the Genoa fortress and the Armenian churches. This place where antique Feodosiya was located. There passed quarantine crews and passengers of the ships arriving to the city. We from the Quarantine hill reached a beacon on Ilya`s cape. The way is not really close, and for such walk it is better to choose cool day. On the territory of a beacon we, naturally, did not get, but it is possible to examine impressive 15 - a meter tower. On the way concrete weapon emplacements of times of war, picturesque city treatment facilities come across - generally, walk is worth it.

One more hill in the neighbourhood with Quarantine - Mitridat . There are no special sights here, except for the remains of the base of the Museum of antiquities at the top. The museum was constructed on Ayvazovsky`s project and destroyed in 1941. Near the remains of its bases there is a geodetic sign. From here the remarkable view of the city opens. Slopes of the hill are built up without special order with private houses, forming looped small streets among which it is fascinating to wander.

There is a lot of military monuments in Feodosiya. In the winter of 1941 - 42 years Kerchensko - the Feodosiysky landing which is considered as the largest sea landing operation Second World War was carried out here. Remind the Embankment of paratroopers with the monument located about port of fights, Desantnikov Street, a monument to Soldiers - to liberators in Anniversary park, Geroyev Avenue on Gorky St., the Eternal flame in Anniversary park.

But also just it is possible to walk by historical part of Feodosiya infinitely, admiring old houses (to which present inhabitants randomly attach picturesque rooms and balconies), buildings on the embankment, from rich dachas of the end of the 19th century to boarding houses of Soviet period, a view of the sea and the ships on raid.

This year we visited Feodosiya for the sixth time and we hope that it is not the last holidays which we spent in this beautiful city.